Khans of Tarkir Pre-Release Event Saturday 9/20 1:30 PM

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Join us for our first official Magic: the Gathering Pre-Release event – Khans of Tarkir Saturday 9/20 at 1:30 PM.

We’re really excited to finally be able to participate in this type of event!  Since we’re new and this is our first pre-release, we only have 40 pre-release packs.  That means we’re holding the one event and we only have room for 40 players.

Sign up now on our brand new Meetup page: or you can sign up in person at the store.  We’ll have a sign up sheet at the front counter.

This is a sealed deck event.  The event itself has no entry fee, but you buy the pre-release pack.

This is a big event for us.  Our current status with Wizards of the Coast is ‘Core’ and we want to advance to ‘Advanced’.  The only outstanding requirement is that we need to hold an event with 32 or more attendees.  Come help us meet this goal!  If we make it to advance, we’ll get better prize support, give aways, and more of the product that you want.


Abzan: Strong, weathered warriors who use Green, White, and Black mana

Jeskai: Nimble monks and cunning students who harness White, Blue, and Red mana

Sultai: Opulent and wealthy necromancers who utilize Blue, Black, and Green mana

Mardu: A swift and bloodthirsty horde powered by Black, Red, and White mana

Temur:  Ferociously savage nomads driven by Red, Green, and Blue mana


Khans of Tarkir Pre-Release this Saturday at 1:30!

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We have a few spots left, so get registered today!  If you try to register and we’re full up, we’ll take a few names beyond the limit in case people don’t make it.  There is no guarantee you’ll get in and you’ll need to just hang out at the store to see if you get a spot.  Of course this will be on a ‘first registered’ basis.

This is our first pre-release event so it may be a bit bumpy, but here’s how it will go.

  • On arrival, players pay at the front register and hang on to their receipt.
  • We’ll sign them in and mark them ‘paid’ in the registration book
  • Once everyone is checked in, we will choose factions on a ‘first registered’ basis.
  • We’ll get everyone signed into the DCI system and get the tournament going
  • Prizes are Khans booster packs

It’s going to be a fun day!


Meeples Games Gaming Group Meetup has been created!

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In order to better manage our event calendar to include reminders, signups, etc (and at the suggestion of other game store owners), I’ve created a Meetup Group to post our events.  You can sign up here  The name’s a mouthful… Meeples Games Gaming Group!

If you’ve used Meetup before, you’ll know that it’s a great way to know what’s happening and get reminders for the things you want to attend.  You can manage the email options so you don’t get innundated, so don’t worry about that.

I’ll be adding our recurring events over the next few days, so check back for your events!

We’re going to use this in addition to the calenedar on this site.  Go check it out!  It’s free to join and you might find some other groups that interest you!