Great Gaming Gifts!

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Great Gaming Gifts!

It’s that time of year when we all try to find the perfect gift for friends and family.  Games make excellent gifts!  Game play requires that people are together at the same table participating in the same activity.  They get us away from our screens and doing something fun together.  With that in mind, here is a list of games that make excellent gifts – from stocking stuffers to that big Santa gift!

Stop into the shop for more suggestions!

Stocking Stuffers:

  • Sushi Go! – A fantastic card drafting game about making sushi.
  • TemPurrA – Cute cats and an eating contest… crazy!
  • Spot It! – A really fun, fast action matching game that everyone can enjoy.  Available as classic or Holiday Spot it!
  • Dice – “You can never have too many dice!” said everyone!
  • Happy Salmon – A fast, move around, activity game fun for the whole family.  Plus, it comes in a salmon!!
  • Booster Packs – For that Pokemon or Magic collector.


Family Games:

  • Ticket to Ride – One of the best games ever designed.  Easy to learn, fun to play over and over.
  • Catan – Another classic, well loved game. Sheep for wood?
  • King of Tokyo – Can you control Tokyo City as one of Godzilla’s friends and come out on top?
  • Splendor – You’ll want to play this gem collecting game over and over.  Simple, but complex this game works for everyone.
  • Lotus – Build flowers and win points with this beautiful and compact game.
  • Carcassonne – This game is the origin of the Meeple!  Place tiles to grow the region and control cities, roads and farms for points.
  • Sheriff of Nottingham – Can you trick the Sheriff into thinking that you aren’t trying to smuggle contraband into the market?


2 Player Games:

  • Patchwork – A fun, Tetris-like game of quilt making where buttons are your currency.
  • Lost Cities – This deceptively simple game will get you thinking, and quick rounds make it great for any time f
  • 7 Wonders Duels – If you like 7 Wonders, you’ll LOVE 7 Wonders Duel.  Now with the Pantheon expansion.
  • Hive – An abstract game similar to Chess, but with insects!  Surround your opponent’s Queen Bee to win.
  • Tally Ho! – Will you be the Hunters and Lumberjacks or the Bears and Trees?
  • Onitama – Capture your opponent’s master to win in this innovative Chess-like game.


Strategy Games:

  • Power Grid – Can you build the biggest, best power grid in the US?
  • Agricola – Expand your farm with livestock while building a brick oven to bake bread.  Remember to feed your family members!
  • Isle of Skye – What price should you sell that choice piece of land?  Be smart and you’ll be the richest Chieftain.
  • Castles of Mad King Ludwig – Build the best castle by bidding for rooms and connecting them to the best advantage
  • World’s Fair – Wonderfully thematic worker placement game!  Will you have the best exhibits?
  • Happy Pigs – Be the very best pig farmer you can be by breeding your pigs, keeping them healthy and selling them at market.


Cooperative Games:

  • Castle Panic – Work together to defend your castle!  Great for kids!
  • Pandemic (Pandemic Legacy) – Prevent the four viruses from spreading out of control.
  • T.I.M.E. Stories – You and your friends are Time Agents sent back to right a wrong in the Time Continuum.  A whole new concept in tabletop games.
  • Forbidden Island – Work together to collect four trophies before the island sinks!  A Mensa Select game that’s great for kids.
  • Forbidden Desert – Collect all of the pieces of your steampunk airship before everyone succumbs to the desert storm.
  • Mysterium – A semi-cooperative game in which one player plays the ghost as the rest investigate to determine who killed the ghost in this seance.  It’s a little like clue with fantastic art and some fun twists.


Star Wars Games:

  • Star Wars X-Wing – A tactical miniatures game in which Star Wars ships are fighting it out in space!
  • Star Wars Rebellion – Are you going to be the Rebels or the Empire in this miniatures board game?
  • Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG – Get your blaster and play in the Star Wars Universe.
  • Star Wars Destiny (releasing 12/1) – Two player collectible card and dice game with easy fast-action back and forth play. Will the force be with you?


Party Games:

  • Codenames – Rival Spymasters vie for their team to be the first to identify their agents using only their codenames and one word clues.
  • Codename Pictures – And now they only have pictures!
  • The Resistance – Are you a spy or a member of the Resistance?  Can you identify the other spies to foil the government’s plans?
  • Ultimate Werewolf – Townsfolk try to take out the Werewolves, while the Werewolves try to pick off the Townsfolk.
  • America -Use your knowledge of pop culture, food, products, games, sports, and United States history to score more points than your opponents.
  • Concept – A little like charades on a board, get your team to guess the concept using only the clues you’ve given them via pictures on the board.
  • Telestrations – A cross between Pictionary and Telephone, Telestrations is HILARIOUS!


Role Playing Games:

  • Dungeons & Dragons – Wizard or Rogue, Human or Elf.  Roleplaying in a classic fantasy world is a great get-away!
  • Star Wars Force and Destiny – Be a Wookie if you’d like!
  • End of the World – Play yourself in this series of world ending scenarios
  • Fiasco – Single session RPG with fun characters and hilarious results
  • Shadowrun – Take cyberpunk to the streets



  • Deck Boxes – Useful for keeping organized, they come in an array of colors, styles and prices starting at $2
  • Card Sleeves – Identify your deck and keep your cards clean and free of wear and tear.  Come in many types and prices.
  • Card Binders – Do you have a trade binder?
  • RPG Miniatures – Prepainted or unpainted, it’s fun to have an actual Owlbear when you encounter an Owlbear (OK, not at ACTUAL Owlbear… you know what I mean!)
  • RPG Tabletop Mats – These erasable mats allow you to draw your dungeon, erase, and draw another one!
  • Playmats – Keep your cards nice by using a playmat.  Plus, it makes the cards way easier to pick up!
  • Dice – There is no such thing as too many dice!


Games We’re Playing

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We’ve played some fun games over the past few weeks and I wanted to share those experiences with all y’all and let you know what games we’re playing!

Star Wars Destiny, Fantasy Flight Games

Star Wars Destiny is a new (officially comes out on 12/1) collectible card and dice game.  I know what you’re thinking – not another collectible game.  But Destiny is different.  First of all, the play is fast – no long drawn out turns.  You get to do one thing on your turn then it’s the other player’s turn.  The dice are big and cool with full color pictures on them.  The art is great and the feel of the game is very Star Wars.  Best of all, I really liked it.  It’s fun to play and so far the deck building hasn’t been too complicated.  We’re hoping that it continues to get better and that everyone likes it as much as we do.


Saloon Tycoon, Van Ryder Games

We played Saloon Tycoon last night and I really liked it.  First, it’s a Western game and the flavor is amazing.  The characters and their backstories are hilarious and the art is great.  The think I liked the best though, was the mechanic of building your saloon.  In this game, you buy tiles to add on to your saloon VERTICALLY!  You can build up to three stories and get extra points if you can get that high.  But, of course, you have to supply your rooms.  Before you can add the Billiards room above your Printing Press, you have to buy the four Supplies to support the next story. Some of the rooms come with Citizens which give you extra victory points at the end of the game, but watch out because some of them will bring along the Villains who handicap you in the game.  Last night I had three of the four bad guys last night and lost miserably.  But I totally want to play again – both because it’s fun and because I want another chance to beat Brian!


Mysterium, Asmodee

I know Mysterium has been out for a long time now, but we played it for the first time on Thanksgiving and I loved it.  We were moving a little slowly, but we were stuffed with turkey and I expect next time it will be faster.  I really loved the abstract-ness of this game.  The Ghost is trying to communicate with pictures and it’s up to you, the investigator, to figure out what the heck he is trying to tell you.  Should I pick the location with the chairs and the orange background because two of the cards have chairs and one has orange in it?  Or should I pick the tool room because one of them has a screwdriver in it?  I think one of the challenges with this game is that there is much pressure on the Ghost to get their point across.  You’ll never be able to figure it out if the Ghost can’t find the right cards to give you.  But, that said, we had a lot of fun trying to interpret the Ghost’s intentions and ultimately won in the end.  If you like story telling games, this is a totally abstract and cooperative version that it totally fun.


Parfum, Queen Games

Parfum is an under the radar game that I completely loved.  It’s a classic Euro-style game with multiple steps to victory points.  In this game, you are actions to collect dice that you roll to buy ingredients to make perfumes that you then sell to customers.  There are many steps in this process and you have to plan ahead to make sure the other players don’t mess you up (which will happen anyway!)  It was easy to learn, set up and get playing.  I read the instructions and set it up in about 15 minutes (including punching it) and was able to explain it to Brian without really referencing the rules.  We were playing in a jif.  In the end, Brian won this one, too (I’m not doing too well these last few weeks!) but I want to play it again to get my revenge.


Black Friday Sale and West Seattle Food Bank Drive

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We’re having a Black Friday Sale and collecting non-perishable food for the West Seattle Food Bank!

Stop in on Black Friday or Small Business Saturday to find a wide selection of games and accessories at 40%* off MSRP!

Bring non-perishable food items for the West Seattle Food Bank and receive an additional 5% off sale items or 10%** off non-sale items.

* Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts ** Discount does not apply to Cafe items

West Seattle Food Bank Food Drive Wish List

*Kid Friendly Items

  • Juice (Boxed or Canned)
  • Healthy Snacks (Graham or Animal Crackers, Granola Bars, Raisins, 100% Fruit Leather, Dried Fruits, Pretzels)
  • Shelf Stable Milk, Soy or Almond Milk Applesauce/Fruit Cups (no sugar added)
  • Individual Meals (Ravioli, Spaghetti O’s Mac n’ Cheese, Soup)
  • Top Ramen/Cup of Noodles Whole Grain Cereal/Oatmeal Books
    Baby Food & Formula
  • Diapers (all sizes but especially sizes 4, 5, & 6)

* Please have Kid Friendly items in Individual Serving Sizes to accommodate our school children’s Backpack Program

Always Needed

  • Low Sodium Canned Meats
  • Canned Fruits (in water)
  • Low Sodium Canned Vegetables
  • Low Sodium Beans
  • Peanut Butter
  • Canned Tuna/Chicken/Turkey/Salmon
  • Rice/Pasta/Noodles
  • Low Sodium Soup/Stew/Chili/Tomatoes
  • Ensure
  • Toiletries (Toothpaste, Soap, Deodorant, Shampoo/Conditioner)
  • Pet Food (Dog or Cat) & Kitty Litter




We’ve been playing Star Wars Destiny and It’s Great! Launch Event Sat 6:30

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We finally got our copies of Star Wars Destiny, the new two player collectible card and dice game from Fantasy Flight Games.  I learned how to play it yesterday (it only took 15 minutes) and have been playing non-stop ever since!

This game has so much going for it!  First, it’s not expensive.  A starter set is $14.99 and includes all the cards you need to either play Rey or Kylo Ren, the dice, a short instruction sheet, all of the tokens you need and a nice sheet to track all of the cards in the set.

Second, it’s easy to learn. We were up and running in 15 minutes and other than a few references to the instruction sheet, I’ve been able to teach others to play in just a few minutes.

Star Wars Destiny

Check out the art and the dice!

Third, it’s easy to play while being in-depth enough to be interesting to an experienced gamer.  In this game, each player takes one action from a possible six actions and then it’s the other player’s turn.  There are no super complicated interactions between cards that make it overly complicated.  You roll a character’s dice, I play a card, you take the action on a card, I attack, etc.

Fourth, the dice are cool. The dice are large with full four color pictures on them.  And those pictures are not stickers, they are printed on the dice and then coated so there is no possibility that the picture will scratch or come off.  They have good heft and roll really nicely!

And finally, it’s STAR WARS! We’ve been waiting for a cool, fun, approachable Star Wars game and now we have it.  X-Wing is an amazing game, but it’s less than approachable for kids, families and casual players.  Destiny scratches that Star Wars itch and is fun and easy.

Come out on Saturday night 11/19 at 6:30 to get in on the action before the Star Wars Destiny officially releases.  Buy a starter set (limit one per player), play in a game and get cool promos and the option to pick up booster packs.

Star Wars Destiny


Game News – Citadels

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Citadels – a classic game from Fantasy Flight Games – is being updated!  Read on to find out more about this game and why it deserves a place in your game collection!

Citadels has been one of our favorite light strategy games for quite a while.  Originally released in 2000 and designed by renowned Bruno Faidutti (Ad Astra, Mission Red Planet, Incan Gold), it is currently on its 2nd edition with -TWO- new versions on the way.  In Citadels, players take on new roles each round to represent characters they hire in order to help them acquire gold and erect buildings. The game ends at the close of a round in which a player erects his/her eighth building. Players then tally their points, and the player with the highest score wins.

Will you be the merchant to maximize your revenue?  Or will you be the thief who gains riches by robbing another player?  Will you risk taking the architect, knowing he will be in the assassin’s sights?  Fortunately, you can change your mind every round, and guessing what other players are going to do can make or break your ability to be the first one to build your 8 districts, ending the game!  The current version includes 8 characters from the original version and 9 additional characters that were released in an expansion.

Why We Love Citadels

At last count, we’ve played Citadels at least 30 times – yeah, it’s that good!  Here are some of the aspects of the game we love:

  • Quick to learn
  • Plays in 20-60 minutes
  • Up to 8 people can play!
  • Has really interesting art
  • Great gameplay that includes strategic bluffing
  • High replayability
  • Great in-game rivalry
  • Hidden roles that change every round
  • Alternative rules for 3-players allow players to select 2 characters and implement a strategy that chains effects together for ultimate points
  • It’s in the library at Meeples!
  • Current version includes expansion – additional districts and a whole new set of characters that you can use to replace all or some of the originals
  • Great value at $24.99
  • Always a good time for both new and experienced players

Click here for an overview of the game play and components.

What’s New?

Two new versions are “on the boat” and will be on the shelves at Meeples Games by Christmas.  The first – Citadels Classic – is a return to the art and content of the original, and will sell for $12.99, making it a great stocking stuffer for anyone.  The other new version will include even more characters to go with all previously released characters, and all new art on the cards, and will retail for $29.99.

We wanted to give everyone a heads up because the current version 2.0 won’t be available much longer (and we just LOVE the art so definitely check that out before it’s gone forever).  You can check out the rules here.  As always, Meeples Games is happy to save you a copy when you are ready to pick one up, so just give us a call or stop in to check out Citadels!

Other Info

Ages: 10+

Board Game Geek rating: 7.2 based on 36,000 reviews(!)

Parental note:  Some people have found the art on 2 of the cards from the current version to be inappropriate for younger kids, and the theme may include murder if you use the original characters, so review and substitute the expansion cards as needed if playing with kids.