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Reviewed by: Nicole McAllister

My Love-Hate Relationship with Kingsburg

It’s been love-hate since the beginning with Kingsburg.  Every time I finish a game I say I hate it and I never want to play again.  Every time I see the box I say ooooh Kingsburg, who wants to play!?!?  I can’t quit it.

Kingsburg is a worker placement game that uses dice as the workers.  The game takes place over 5 years, with 4 seasons where the main action is.  The first 3 seasons are the influence phases, and the 4th season is the fight phase.  The board has 18 numbered characters starting with 1, The (read more...)

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Reviewed by: Shawn Allen

One of the “gateway games” at the beginning of my tabletop gaming obsession was Carcassonne.  I was captivated by the idea of getting to build a different “map” every game simply by placing pretty tiles to create cities, roads, and more.  At the end of the game, everyone–win or lose–got to step back a bit from the table and enjoy the new landscape we had created.

When I heard about a similar tile-laying mechanic in Alhambra, I was intrigued.  The biggest difference here was that each player would build her own “map” (here, in the form of a palace) with (read more...)

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Star Fluxx

Reviewed by: Shawn Allen

Star Fluxx is a recent member of the ever-growing Fluxx family of card games.  This line of games has featured themes ranging from common (zombies, Cthulu, etc.) to odd (Monty Python and even “stoner” Fluxx).  Each game uses the basic mechanics of the original Fluxx game but brings its own twist.  I have found Fluxx games to be silly fun.  I’m also a huge science fiction fan.  Looney Labs mixed the two up, and I found myself buying a copy of Star Fluxx!

The small box holds only a deck of cards of good quality (think standard playing-cards) and a (read more...)

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Elder Sign

Reviewed by: Shawn Allen

About 3 years ago, my neighbor sat me down to a game called Arkham Horror.  I hadn’t played much of anything in the board-gaming world at that point.  His kitchen table was strewn with game goodness–a huge board, countless decks of cards, piles of tokens.  It all seemed overwhelming.  He walked me through the basics, and as we played through the game, something clicked.  This wasn’t a game so much as an experience in a box.  It was storytelling.  Then we didn’t play Arkham Horror again for almost a year.  It was such a massive undertaking!  We (read more...)

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