The Khans of Tarkir release is this weekend! FNM prizes are KoT boosters!

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The Khans of Tarkir release is this weekend!  FNM prizes are KoT boosters!  Join us for Friday Night Magic (Standard Constructed) starting at 6:30 pm and Saturday Afternoon Magic (Booster Draft) starting at 1:00.

Remember:  Return to Ravnica cards are no longer legal for play in Standard events.

You have to remove those cards and build a new deck!

We’ll have everything you need – booster packs, fat packs, intro packs in stock and ready for you!


Khans of Tarkir Pre-Release this Saturday at 1:30!

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We have a few spots left, so get registered today!  If you try to register and we’re full up, we’ll take a few names beyond the limit in case people don’t make it.  There is no guarantee you’ll get in and you’ll need to just hang out at the store to see if you get a spot.  Of course this will be on a ‘first registered’ basis.

This is our first pre-release event so it may be a bit bumpy, but here’s how it will go.

  • On arrival, players pay at the front register and hang on to their receipt.
  • We’ll sign them in and mark them ‘paid’ in the registration book
  • Once everyone is checked in, we will choose factions on a ‘first registered’ basis.
  • We’ll get everyone signed into the DCI system and get the tournament going
  • Prizes are Khans booster packs

It’s going to be a fun day!