Thanksgiving and Games – a Great Match for Families!

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You’ve got family coming over for Thanksgiving – Yay!  It’s so much fun to have the gang together once per year for this amazing holiday.  But what do you do after the meal if you’re not into football?  Games!

There are so many great games to play with groups big and small to keep everyone occupied and having a great time together!

For the Adventurous:  Betrayal at House on the Hill quickly builds suspense and excitement as players explore a haunted mansion of their own design, encountering spirits and frightening omens that foretell their fate. With an estimated one hour playing time, Betrayal at House on the Hill is ideal for parties, family gatherings or casual fun with friends.


Families with KidsCardline: Animals is a card game played with approximately 100 cards. Both sides of each card depict an animal, its name, and its class (amphibian, mammal, etc.), while its average length, weight, and lifespan are printed on only one side of the card. For each game, players decide before playing whether they’re comparing animal lengths, weights, or lifespans.


Classics:  In Catan (formerly The Settlers of Catan), players try to be the dominant force on the island of Catan by building settlements, cities, and roads. On each turn dice are rolled to determine what resources the island produces. Players collect these resources (cards)—wood, grain, brick, sheep, or stone—to build up their civilizations to get to 10 victory points and win the game.


For Grownups: Cards Against Humanity – A party game for horrible people. pic1104600_md

Cleaner that CaH:  Superfight is party game of super powers and super problems.  The game is all about arguing with your friends about ridiculous fights.



Calling All Dungeon Masters! We Want You!

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If you’ve ever played Dungeons and Dragons (or any other role playing game) you know how fun and creative it can be.  Especially for kids and teens who can really benefit from the social, problem solving and cooperation required to play.

Here at Meeples Games, we sponsor many D&D and other RPG groups.  We love how popular they are.  So popular that all of our groups are full.

I want to start a group for teens aged 13-17 but we need a DM who can run the group at least once per month and preferrably every other week.  If you’ve worked with kids this age, you know just how fun this can be!

If you are interested in this position, we offer a small amount of compensation in the form of store credit.  Please contact me at laura at



Happy Thanksgiving! Holiday Hours

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We hope every single one of you has a very Happy Thanksgiving and that you get to spend an awesome day with friends and family…  Playing Games!

We’re closed on Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) and we open early on Friday at 10:00 am.


Wednesday 11/25: 11:30 am – 10:00 pm (we might close a little early if the place is empty)

Thursday 11/26: closed

Friday 11/27: 10:00 am – 12:30 am



Join us for Monte Cook’s ‘The Strange RPG’ Demo and Game Saturday at 5:00 pm

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Monte Cook and Bruce R. Cordell, in their first major collaboration, bring you The Strange. It’s an RPG set on Earth, in the modern day. But a few people—a very few people—have discovered how to travel to other places. They call them recursions, and they’re like limited pocket dimensions with their own laws of reality, connected to Earth via a dark energy network beneath the normal matter of the universe. A dangerous, chaotic network they call the Strange.

The Strange is driven by the Cypher System, the same Origins- and ENnie-Award-winning game engine that powers Numenera. In fact, it’s almost entirely compatible with Numenera—you can borrow creatures, foci, descriptors, cyphers, and other elements from the one to use in the other.

Like Numenera, The Strange is a 416-page book with everything you need to play. Its production values, layout, and artwork are every bit as mind-blowingly awesome as Numenera’s. It comes with two poster maps. And there’s a Player’s Guide as well—it’s 96 pages but at the same low price point as the Numenera Player’s Guide. And if you’re still not convinced, you can download a free preview and take a look inside the book!

Chai Tea Latte and Spearmint Herbal Tea new in the Cafe!

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Hey All Y’all!

We’ve made a few additions to the beverage list in the Cafe.

We now have Oregon Chai Lattes and a new Spearmint herbal tea.

Oregon Chai Latte

Cozy up with a comforting cup of Oregon Chai. There’s a flavor for every frame of mind. And with so many easy-to-make varieties, your perfect drink is ready whenever you are-at home, at work, even on the go.


Spearmint Tea – Tea Gallerie

Indulge in the refreshing lightness of this soothing, herbal tea. Our spearmint tea is comforting, aromatic brew that calms the nerves and relinquishes the mind of its stresses.