Memorial Day Weekend – We’re Open and We’re Having a Sale!

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We’re Three Years Old!

We’re super excited to have been a part of the West Seattle Community for three whole years!  The time has flown by.  Three years ago we were just starting out with this crazy idea of a game shop and cafe and now we’re thriving thanks to you!  We’re having a great time getting to know such amazing people and meeting new friends.  We’re especially proud to be able to help the great folks at the West Seattle Food Bank!


We’re saying Thank You with a little party and a sale! 

Join us for cake Saturday at 3:00! 

 Sale: Sat, Sun, Mon 5/27-29

40% Off Selected Games


Buy-One-Get-One-Half-Off Games

The Details:

  • Purchase marked games at 40% off – no limit
  • Purchase one non-sale board game or non-collectible card game and get 1/2 off another non-sale board game or card game of equal or lesser value.
    • Does not include RPGs, Miniatures, Accessories or Collectible Card Games (Pokemon, Magic, etc)
    • One per customer per day
  • Bring an item for the West Seattle Food Bank and get an additional 5% off the marked 40% off Sale Games
  • Cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers

Regular Hours: 

• Friday 11:30 am – Midnight

• Saturday 10:00 am – Midnight

• Sunday 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

• Monday – Thursday 11:30 am – 10:00 pm


D&D Summer Camp is Back!

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Two sessions of D&D Summer Camp – one for Middle School and one for High School!

Join host Jason Nelson for a week long learning and playing session of Dungeons and Dragons!

Date:  June 26-30 (High School) and July 31-8/4 (Middle School)

Time: 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Cost: $225 for the week (due upon registration)

***Space is limited to 8, so register early

Materials included:

  • Writing paper
  • Set of dice and dice bag
  • Pencil
  • Character sheets
  • Folder
  • Meeples merchandise coupon
  • Legendary Games merchandise coupon
  • Shopping bag
  • Name tag

Overview: Tabletop roleplaying games (RPGs) like Dungeons and Dragons ™ offer creative and cooperative gaming experiences whose only limits are the players’ imaginations. Players choose their own adventures as they explore fantastic worlds, confronting epic challenges and unraveling mysteries, working together to solve problems through strategy, skill, cleverness, and collaboration using the unique abilities they and their characters possess. Tabletop gaming promotes reading and math skills, finding creative and team-based solutions, and building social trust and confidence.  This beginner camp is designed to last five days and will cover all the essentials from introductory to the light experienced level of play.

What: Kids will learn the basics of Dungeons and Dragons and Role Playing Games in general.  They’ll learn about Character Creation, exiting in the fantasy world, etiquette, conflict, leveling up, teamwork and getting into character.

Dungeon Master Biography: Jason Nelson is an author, publisher and entrepreneur who has worked in the gaming industry for 14 years, and been playing RPGs since he was 10 years old.  A proud father of three, he has shared his passion and love for gaming with his own children. As a former elementary teacher, he recognized the value of tabletop RPGs for youth and saw the need for more RPG content for all ages, and his company Legendary Games has begun creating a line of introductory products for new and younger gamers.

D&D Summer Camp


Check Out Runewars: the Miniatures Game on Thursdays

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Runewars Miniatures Game is new from Fantasy Flight Games and is their first foray into an unpainted model-based tactical miniatures game.  In this game, you get the amazing game play of a tactical miniatures game while skipping the ‘put together the models’ phase.  You can play right out of the box!  The miniatures are A-Mazing! and you can paint them to add your own unique spin on your armies.

If you don’t know how to paint miniatures, we’ll teach you!  Join our Learn to Paint Miniatures event the fourth Sunday of each month!

From Fantasy Flight:

For years, the armies of Waiqar the Undying have stayed within their borders, launching only minor raids across the border. But now, a nameless threat stirs within the Mistlands, and legions of undead cross into the realm of Terrinoth under Waiqar’s command! The Daqan Lords have sounded the call to war, and their finest generals lead armies of warriors and golems to take up defensive positions in the border territory of Roth’s Vale. The first battles of the next great war are about to begin. 

RuneWars: The Miniatures Game is a two-player miniatures game of battles between the great powers of Terrinoth. In each game, you and your opponent will gather armies of miniatures and lead them into battle—blocks of infantry will maneuver for position, cavalry wings will wheel and slam into a weakened flank, and monstrous rune golems or carrion lancers will smash through formations of lesser warriors. Innovative command tools, two distinct factions, and countless ways to customize your experience combine to offer an unparalleled miniatures gaming experience in RuneWars. Finally, with forty-eight beautifully sculpted, unpainted figures, you’ll be able to paint and customize your armies to bring an entirely unique touch to your games and enter the hobby of miniatures painting!




International Tabletop Day 2017

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International Tabletop Day 2017 benefiting the West Seattle Food Bank!

We will be hosting a bunch of events, and also welcome you for open gaming, all day long!  Come see our newly remodeled store, now with more play space!  Bring a non-perishable food item and get a Meeples Buck to spend in our Tabletop Day Store!!

International Tabletop Day celebrates all things tabletop gaming and we have some great fun activities for all y’all!!  “Tabletop Day is also a day to celebrate those who come to the table in contest or cooperation. It is a time of friends tasked with war and strangers finding a common bond to survive through the next turn. We honor the communities that gather around the table, those who bring the winning spirit and sportsmanship to play with others. We play not just against the board, but with others. To you who manage groups, bring new people to the table, and find that one night out of the month to bring your team together to fight a dragon; this day is for you.” – Geek and Sundry

Here’s the schedule of events:

Rather than drawings this year, we’re setting up a little Tabletop Day Store!

You earn coins for participating and can then spend them for cool prizes!  Full games, promos, and other goodies!

• Bring non-perishable food items for the West Seattle Food Bank

• Participate in a game, tournament or demonstration

• Run a game or demonstration

• Take your picture with Lil’ Wil and Pikachu

• Check in at Meeples Games with a photo

• Tweet about Tabletop Day at Meeples Games

• and more

International Tabletop Day 2017


Starfinder RPG is Coming in August!

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We’re pretty excited about Starfinder RPG!  We’re hoping it’s the best Space RPG out there!  The Core Book is coming out in August along with the Alien Archive, First Contact (a mini-rulebook), two Adventure Path books, along with a GM screen, character folio and pawns.

We’re taking preorders now so you can get in on this early!

From Paizo’s site:

‘Take your favorite fantasy RPG to the stars! Set thousands of years in Pathfinder’s future, Starfinder is a stand-alone roleplaying game evolved from the Pathfinder rules and designed to bring you a whole new universe of science fantasy adventures. Play alien races both new and familiar as you explore the mysteries of a weird galaxy. Will you be an android assassin fulfilling corporate contracts, or a plucky ratfolk mechanic? A spellhacking lashunta technomancer, or a rakish human pilot? Uncountable worlds are waiting for you and your intrepid crew!’