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World's Fair 1893

World’s Fair 1893

Reviewed by: Yovany Alas

World’s Fair 1893

Ever wanted to travel back in time?  More specifically, have you ever wanted to go back to 1893 to visit the Chicago World’s Fair?  Well, thanks to the power of board games, you can!  World’s Fair 1893, a 2016 Mensa Select winner, is the most recent game by designer J. Alex Kevern, published by Foxtrot Games.

The real life World’s Fair in Chicago was an amazing showcase of technology, science, entertainment, and culture.  In the tabletop incarnation of the event, you take on the role of one of the fair’s organizers, and you’ll work to increase your influence (read more...)

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Colony Game Review

Reviewed by: Hank Arendall

COLONY is the latest deckbuilder from Bezier Games (Suburbia, Ultimate Werewolf). It combines the fixed-asset mechanics of games like Dominion (the cards you acquire each game don’t change) with the dice-rolling player interactivity of games like Machi Koro.

In the game, players are leaders of different post-apocalyptic societies, competing over scarce resources like food, scrap metal, and uranium. Each turn, dice are rolled which signify these resources, then take turns selecting them for their warehouses. Afterwards, these dice are used to purchase different additional cards, allowing players to vie against one another for the most in-demand resources.

Players begin with four (read more...)

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Merchants and Marauders

Reviewed by: Hank Arendall

At some point, you may find your board gaming group seeking a “next level” board game. Something that can provide you with hours of immersive and thematic gameplay, that contains enough decision making to make it feel like a skill-intensive experience, but not at the expense of fun. And of course, you’ll want something you can play over and over while still getting a new experience. If your group is ready to take this plunge, or if your just looking for the ultimate “pirate” board game, you should consider Merchants & Marauders.

The game (read more...)

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Legendary Encounters (An Alien™ Deck Building Game)

Reviewed by: Brian Taylor

What’s that sound coming from the ventilation shafts?  Legendary Encounters is a cooperative, deck-building game where players team up to survive and defeat the Alien (like the movies!) assault. Each player has a role, and players draft “character” cards to build their own personal decks that are used to search for and battle aliens, recruit new characters cards, and to assist other players on their turns. The game comes with four scenarios that correspond to the Alien movies, and can also be played by randomizing the encounters and characters.

This game will appeal to players who like the Aliens theme, (read more...)

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Forbidden Desert: Thirst For Survival

Reviewed by: Connor Alexander

I think I reached a new level of board game geek with my purchase of Forbidden Desert. It’s the first game I purchased in large part due to the fact that I was familiar with the designer’s previous work. Matt Leacock also created Pandemic, which is a wonderful cooperative play game that became a big hit with our fairly non-competitive group. The fact that Forbidden Desert also offered cooperative play was the final selling point for me.

Forbidden Desert (the full title is Forbidden Desert: Thirst For Survival and is put out by Gamewright) is a cooperative tile-based game for (read more...)

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