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Kitchen equipment and a new Guest Review

We went shopping for kitchen equipment yesterday.  You know – plates, cups, utensils.  Wow, there is so much stuff out there it was a little overwhelming.  But we’ve started to pick up various items.  Yesterday we picked a purveyor for our produce and food items we’ll need to make the menu.  And bought some really exciting items – food processor, bar towels, coffee and cream dispensers, forks and some salad dressing cups.  I know, pretty dry stuff.  But the list of items required for the kitchen is really big.  And I’m sure we’ll forget stuff and be running to the store when I realize I don’t have a cheese grater or something!

The next step is to compare the prices we saw on other items with what we can get on the web.  Web stuff is usually cheaper, but you have to pay shipping, so you have to be careful when you think you’re getting a deal.  And, I need to pickup the rest of the big equipment – kegerator, freezer, undercounter fridge, ice machine.  That’s for next week.  There’s a ton of really nice used equipment out there I just have to do the legwork to find it!  If I can’t find it by the end of next week then we’ll buy new.

Demolition is set to start on March 10 and construction on March 17.  Woo!  I can’t wait to get construction started.  It’s going to move really fast once that starts.

We’re busy planning our Tabletop Day event.  Lots going on there – we’ll keep you posted.  I hired our first employee – Cameron Parker – to help out with the gazillion tasks that go into getting a new store up and running.  Cameron, say hi!  His first job was to get us set up with Paychex (a payroll service) so he can get paid!

This past weekend we were in Portland and checked out an amazing store there.  Guardian Games.  Next time you’re in Portland you should definitely check it out.  It’s 10,000 square feet!  They have a huge amount of playspace in the middle of the store and another little room with tables where you can get a beer.  They have events all day every day.  The miniatures section was amazing and, of course, they have a ton of board games.

Speaking of board games, I have place some orders for games to get some initial inventory on the webstore and to have demo copies and some games for sale for Tabletop Day.  We should get them in next week!  Oooooohhhh gaaaammmmeeesss!

Check out the latest Guest Review.  Shawn Allen submitted a review for Lords of Waterdeep.  Thanks Shawn!!

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