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3727 California Ave SW #2B, Seattle, WA 98116

About Meeples Games

Meeples Games opened on May 17, 2014.   We are located on the second floor of the Charlestown Center, 3727 California Ave SW #2B (West Seattle, Washington).


  • 12:00-7:00 PM Sunday

  • 12:00-10:00 PM Monday – Saturday

Contact Information:  info@meeplesgames.com    (206) 535-7896

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West Seattle’s Meeples Games is a friendly local gaming cafe for table-top gamers located between the Alaska and Admiral Junctions.  Meeples Games’ staff includes experts in board games, collectible card games, role-playing games and miniatures.  We offer sales of games and accessories, a cafe with well-lit play space, food and beverages and a tournament area (the Thunderdome!).  We support drop-in play, tournaments and private events.

The cafe features local brews on tap, wine, Jones Soda, and True North coffee and espresso.  Flatbread pizza, snacks, pastries and burgers highlighting Seattle purveyors are available all day.  Tables in the cafe provide seating for 30 and are usually available on a first-come first-serve basis but give us a call to make a reservation - 206.535.7896.

The Thunderdome competitive play / tournament area provides seating for 36 and is open throughout our business hours.  Tables may be reserved by Meeples for organized play events (see our event schedule) or reserved by customers (call us at 206.535.7896), and will be open-play at other times.  We have lockers available to stow your gear while you are playing.

This is your store and your community and we want you to be involved!  Have a special request?  We’ll get it for you.  Ideas about events?  Tell us and we’ll make it happen.  Want to contribute game reviews?  Yes, please!  Want to post your own game top ten list?  There’s a place for that! Reach out to us at info@meeplesgames.com!


“Wow, that was fun!” is what Laura wants everyone who comes to Meeples Games to say when they walk back out the door.  Our staff are gamers themselves and we take turns training each other on new games, old favorites and obscure titles.  We know you can rely on us to keep up-to-date on all the gaming new releases, trends, and tournament play.


Meeples Games sells new game products and accessories in person and online.  Visit our web store here! We also have a small selection of high quality pre-owned games for purchase – view them here.  If you would like us to order a specific item please contact us (info@meeplesgames.com) and we will do our best to get it in for you.

Meeples Games stocks traditional board games, modern board games, card games, Magic: The Gathering (including singles), Pokemon, miniatures (Warhammer, X-Wing, WizKids minis), play mats, painting supplies, and more!, role playing games (Star Wars, D&D, Pathfinder, The Strange, and more), and a wide variety of supplies (storage, card sleeves, dice, tokens, etc).

Opportunities to play

  • Casual game space for 30 people to play in the cafe

  • Room for 36 in our tournament space – the Thunderdome

  • Extensive schedule of daily and weekly tournaments, organized play and learn-to-play sessions for all levels and ages.  Check the event section of our site for the latest information, and let us know if you would like us to host your event or reserve a table in the Thunderdome for you.

    Some highlights of our events are:

    • Friday Night Magic, Magic Booster Drafts, Magic Modern, Commander Night, Prereleases, After School Magic

    • Pokemon Training Camp, Pokemon League, Prereleases

    • Dungeons & Dragons - Open D&D Night!, Tween D&D, High School D&D, and D&D Summer Camp

    • Star Wars (X-Wing, Legion, Shatterpoint)

    • Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar, Kill Team

    • Board Game Night

    • New release showcases

    • Teaching workshops

    • Open game play all day and evening

  • Daily training moments and play groups

  • Extensive game library so you can touch and feel, check out the instructions, or grab a game and play!

  • Miniature painting workshops

  • Customer recommended events

  • Private events

Opportunities to Eat and Drink:

  • Local beers and cider on tap

  • Wine

  • Organic coffee and espresso

  • Delicious menu of snacks, pastries, salads, flatbread pizzas, and burgers

  • Great vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options

  • Private events and gatherings

Parking and Access:

There is a parking lot for customers to use for up to 90 minutes (we share with our neighbors).  If you plan to stay longer than that (we hope you do!), please park on the street.  Please consider carpooling if you are coming by car.

Meeples is served by bus routes #50 and #128 which run down California Ave SW in front of our building. The stop is at Andover & California - a 3 minute walk to our door.

Meeples Games is ADA accessible.  Access to the second floor is available via the elevator located inside at the south end of the parking lot on the Charlestown side.

About Laura Schneider, Owner

I played a lot of games as a kid.  My siblings and I spent hours with board games and card games – Uno, Canasta, Spades, Operation, Masterpiece, Trouble, Sorry!.  In high school I graduated to chess, Blitzkrieg, and Panzer Leader.  College was mostly hours of cards and Risk.  When I had a child, I wanted to play something other than cars and superheroes so looked for board games.  And, wow, there are some really bad ones out there.  A friend turned me on to Euro-style games and I was hooked.

In 2013 I decided to leave my position as a software engineering executive to pursue my lifelong passion for gaming.  I opened Meeples Games to create the place I would love to go.  Somewhere warm and friendly where I can buy the latest game or sit and play some old favorite with my friends while having a beer and a snack.  I wanted big tables with enough light to play, no time limits or pressure to clear out, a great selection of games and accessories, and a community of like-minded gamers to hang with.  I hope you love coming to Meeples Games as much as I love having it!

About Brian Taylor, Owner

Brian is a civil engineer by trade, but a lifelong gamer and 20 year West Seattle resident.  He cut his teeth on 1st edition Dungeons & Dragons (started the D&D club in middle high!) and spent many weekends playing Avalon Hill wargames before discovering Euro-style games, epic horror games (Arkham Horror anyone?), and other great games of this golden age of tabletop.  He currently plays 5th edition D&D, Star Wars RPG, Dice Masters, X-Wing, paints minis, and is constantly on the lookout for great new games to share and play at Meeples.

About Garrett Schneider, Owner

Garrett has been a gamer his entire life! Board games, Pokemon, YuGiOh!, Magic, Kill Team, D&D - you name it. Garrett is the Manager and keeps all the plates spinning. He's our Magic: the Gathering expert and runs our After School Magic for kids.

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