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Cafe tables, sorting inventory, grand opening planning and beer!

Today was another busy one here at Meeples!  The most of the team was here working – Connor, Jeff, Garrett, Cameron, Bijhan and Cheryl.  We set up all of the cafe tables to see how much room we have left.  It looks GREAT!  Here are some photos for your enjoyment.


Tables and chairs!



Playing Monopoly – ironically?

After we got the tables arranged, we worked on getting our inventory items into the POS system.  Now, that’s a fun task – NOT!  We have to enter the items one by one and it is super time consuming.  The upside is that once they are in the system they are in and we don’t have to do it again.  We have five shipments coming in over the next few days and we have to be able to check everything into stock and print the price labels so each different item must be set up.  But we’re almost done.  Yay!

While that was going on (on four computers) Garrett and Bijhan pulled out the stock we already have and started sorting it into categories.  It’s getting really fun now!  This is the best part of this whole process – getting the store set up!

Later this afternoon my Columbia sales rep came by to get my account set up, put in my first order for brews and to schedule someone coming out to get the kegerator set up.  Woot!

And… we’re planning our grand opening the date of which I will announce on Friday after the health department inspection.  I don’t want to jynx anything!


  1. May 17!! I just put up the post. Sorry for the delay – yesterday was a big day for us 🙂

  2. so, Friday has come and gone…. Is there a grand opening announcement??? 🙂

  3. SO FUN!! Great to see the store coming together. I love the old dining tables as play space and cafe seating and the espresso machine will be my salvation during Dominion marathons. You’re doing a great job, Laura. I like the team you’re assembling. Happy Gaming.

  4. Great!

  5. Best of luck! I’m looking forward to your opening.

  6. I’m really getting excited for you Laura!!

  7. That giant table is sweet… Would look good with Arkham Horror… Or Advanced Civilization

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