Chai Tea Latte and Spearmint Herbal Tea new in the Cafe!

by: on November 12, 2015  |  

Hey All Y’all!

We’ve made a few additions to the beverage list in the Cafe.

We now have Oregon Chai Lattes and a new Spearmint herbal tea.

Oregon Chai Latte

Cozy up with a comforting cup of Oregon Chai. There’s a flavor for every frame of mind. And with so many easy-to-make varieties, your perfect drink is ready whenever you are-at home, at work, even on the go.


Spearmint Tea – Tea Gallerie

Indulge in the refreshing lightness of this soothing, herbal tea. Our spearmint tea is comforting, aromatic brew that calms the nerves and relinquishes the mind of its stresses.



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