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Check out Laura’s Best Games For Giving!

Laura holding games - Quacks of Quinlinberg, Spots, Bananya, Nimalia

Each year we curate a list of games perfect for every member of your family.  Games are a great gift!  They get everyone together for IRL fun.  Plus they are a great value.  I chose these games because I love ’em and I hope you will, too.

Space Park

Not only is Space Park highly rated – 7.1! – it’s also got great art, an easy play style, strategy, and a robot.  Oh and space ships.  Travel around the galaxy on a space ship gathering resources to get badges for points.  The game says 14+, but I think a 10 old would love it.  Rated 7.1 • 1-4 Players • 14+ • 30 Minutes



Spots is a dice game with dogs!  That’s all you really need to know.  It’s cute and fun and I bet a six year old could play it.  Roll dice to complete dog cards for points.  And it has little bone meeples, so Bonus! Rated 7.1 • 1-4 Players • 10+ • 30 Minutes



In monsDRAWsity, you’re the witness to a crime involving aliens and your job is to describe the perp to the police sketch artists.  Easy, right?  No!  This fast paced drawing game is more fun that it should be.  “It had one big red eye in the middle of it’s giant balloon head, six claws on it’s tiny T-Rex arms, and stegosaurus plates on it’s back.”  The best drawings get you points for the win. Rated 7.2 • 3-8 Players • 8+ • 10 – 30 Minutes


Quacks of Quenlinburg

Quacks of Quedlinburg is a strategy game awarded Strategy Game of the Year with a whopping 7.8 rating on boardgamegeek.com.  You’re a Charlatan making your strange brew by pulling ingredients from your bag one at a time.  But, there’s a press-your-luck component – you don’t want to explode your potion!  This is a fun ‘bag-building’ game in which you buy ingredients to add to your bag and then pull to make your mix.  It’s quirky and fun and it plays really well with two.  Rated 7.8 • 2-4 Players • 10+ • 45 Minutes



You wake up after your plane crash stuck in a ravine with your fellow (surviving) passengers.  Will you be rescued?  If you can work together to survive the nights, maybe?  Ravine is a cooperative game and everyone is working together to survive until rescue comes.  Forage for food, pool your resources to build some shelter, and if you’re lucky, keep the fire going because the nights are rough! Rated 6.5 • 3-6 Players • 7+ • 20 Minutes



It’s Bananya, the cat who lives in a banana!  Based on the popular show, collect all the Bananyas to win this fast, fun game. Rated 6.1 • 2-4 Players • 6+ • 20 Minutes



Build the best animal sanctuary in Nimalia, a card laying game.  The art is beautiful and the play is strategic as you decide what space you’re going to cover with that new card to constrain your biome to 6×6.  With different scoring opportunities with each play, Nimalia is different every time you play.  Rated 7.3 • 2-4 Players • 10+ • 30 Minutes


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