Check out Santorini – New to our Library

by: on January 27, 2017  |  

Santorini is a new game from Roxley Games and it’s so cool!  Simple to learn – you can literally explain how to play the base game in a few minutes – and super fun to play.  It’s pure strategy and reminds me of some of the best Reiner Knizia games in it’s elegance.

It’s ages 8+ and rated a whopping 8.3 on Board Game Geek!

The pieces are sturdy and feel good in hand and the art is beautiful.

The rules are simple:  1) Move 2) Build.  That’s it.  You win if you get one of your two builders to the third level.  That’s it.

It’s great for everyone from kids and classrooms to highly competitive gamers.  Add in the included God Powers to make the game even more interesting.

We just added a copy to our game library, so come in and check it out!


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