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Construction continues – they’re framing now!

Here are some pictures of the current state of affairs at Meeples Games.

construction1This is the area that was demo’d.  They removed the walls on three rooms to open up the front of the store.  This is where the check out counter will be.  The front door is out of view on the left.  The door in the center of the picture is the emergecy exit.  Those polls are going away.

construction2This is the beginning of the first wall – back in the northeast corner.  This will be the office / store room.  The tournament space will be in the foreground.

construction3Another view of the first wall.

It was pretty exciting being in there today.  They have rolled up the black rubber floor and marked the location of all the walls on the floor so we can see where things are going to be.  It’s VERY DIFFERENT looking at it in real space verses a sheet of paper.  It’s going to be amazing!

In other news, I attended the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce luncheon today.  They brought in a guest speaker – Arden Clise, a business etiquette specialist.  She gave a short presentation about networking.  The biggest thing I learned is that I wear my nametag on the wrong side!!  I have done this all my life – since my days of working a job that required a nametag.  So you know, you are supposed to wear it on the right side so that when you shake hands your name is right there in the line of sight.  All y’all probably knew that.

As always, everyone at the meeting was super nice and friendly.  I had a chance to speak for a few minutes about our upcoming Tabletop Day event and hand out some flyers.  Everyone was very enthused about the event.  We’re going to have everyone is West Seattle playing games soon!

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