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D&D grows with Volo’s Guide to Monsters

This Friday, November 4, is the early release of the next book for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition.  Volo returns to Faerun with a guide for adventurer’s – Volo’s Guide to Monsters – growing the world of Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition.

Who is Volo?  

If you are a veteran of the Forgotten Realms you may remember such classic books as Volo’s Guide to Cormyr, and Volo’s Guide to the Dalelands, where travelers could learn where to find the best mead in towns across the map, and which boroughs may hide a secret society.  For those less familiar, think of Volothamp Geddarm as the Rick Steves of the campaign setting, providing pointers and insights that could make all the difference in your adventure (it could even save your character’s life!).

What’s in this book?

The new guide covers Monster Lore, presents new character race options including goblins and orcs, and provides a Bestiary with game statistics and lore for nearly one hundred monsters suitable for any D&D campaign.  This immersive 224-page volume is filled with beautiful illustrations and in-depth lore.  Important questions will be answered, such as “can I tame a froghemoth?”

Meeples Games is pleased to offer a beautiful limited edition format, exclusive to core hobby stores, featuring an alternative-art cover, beautifully illustrated by Hydro74. This immersive limited edition 224-page volume is filled with beautiful illustrations and will only have a single printing (retail price $49.95).  Available at Meeples Games on November 4.


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