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Dice Masters at Meeples, with League Announcements

Here is updated information for new and experienced Dice Masters players!  If you don’t know about Dice Masters, it’s a game of battling teams of heroes and villians, played with cards and dice that roll energy or characters to field for combat.  Using dice-building (new dice are purchased in-game and added to your dice bag), there is deep strategy and awesome combined effects during play time.  Games last about 30 minutes, and new booster packs with 2 cards and 2 dice are only $0.99!

Sidekick League – the next event is tomorrow Wednesday June 7 at 6:30.  You don’t need to know or bring anything – our Dice Masters experts will teach you about the game and help you build a team to play some practice matches.  New players will be able to take home a team and cool participation prize!  Experienced players – bring a newbie and get a prize!  No charge.

Exclusion League – The Exclusion League will put players to test building themed teams while excluding the cards on the ban list.  This is a ton of fun and offers really cool prizes (Season 1 top prize was a Rick and Morty playmat!).  See all the details here.

New Batman set! – The new Batman set landed on 5/24 and we are loving the new mechanics:  a DC character with Swarm, Flip cards that can change abilities and affiliation mid-game, Gadgeteers, and more!

Upcoming:  DC Comics Superman & Wonder Woman starter set July 12 release, Guardians of the Galaxy set releases in August, new Organized Play kits every month (now playing Xavier’s School and Batman The Animated Series).

See all of our upcoming events Dice Masters events on the WizKids site.


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