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Do You Like Splendor? Than You Should Try…

Splendor is a game of gem collecting and card development. Each player takes turns collecting gems to purchase cards and earn prestige points. If you’re lucky, you might just get a visit from one of the nobles. If you find yourself loving Splendor, but want an new challenge, we have compiled a list just for you.

Century Spice Road, 2-5 players, 30+ mins, 8+

Century Spice Road is a game where players are caravan leaders who travel the famed silk road to deliver spices to the far reaches of the continent for fame and glory. On your turn, players perform one of four actions: establish a trade route by taking a market card, make a trade by playing a card from your hand, fulfill a demand by meeting a victory point card’s requirements, or rest by taking cards you’ve played back into your hand. Along with Century Spice Road, Century Eastern Wonders is can also be added to this list of games. Century Eastern Wonders can be played as an expansion to Spice Road as well as a stand alone. In Century Eastern Wonders, players take to the seas to find quicker routes for their spice trades. Do you have what it takes to be the most famous spice trader in the land?

Imhotep, 2-4 players, 40 mins, 10+

Over six rounds, players in Imhotep move wooden stones by boat to create five seminal Egyptian monuments, and on a turn, a player chooses one of four actions: Procure new stones, load stones on a boat, bring a boat to a monument, or play an action card. While this sounds easy, naturally the other players constantly thwart your building plans by carrying out plans of their own. Only those with the best timing — and the stones to back up their plans — will prove to be Egypt’s best builder.

Jaipur, 2 players, 30 mins, 12+

Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan. You are one of the two most powerful traders in the city. Jaipur is a set collecting game, where players try to collect the most textiles in order to gain victory points. But watch out for those pesky camels, because the player with the largest camel herd also gets victory points! Jaipur is played in three quick rounds, the winner of two out of the three rounds is the most powerful trading city!

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