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Finally played Mice and Mystics

We finally played Mice and Mystics on Saturday. I’ve had the game for months, but, as with many games, the rules were long and daunting.  But we got it on the table with four people.  In this game, the players are men and women transformed into mice to escape the evil sorceress who has taken over the castle.  It’s basically a dungeon crawl, but instead of a dungeon it’s a castle.  And you’re a mouse.  Who used to be a knight, or a wizard or a healer.  There are scenarios (basically quests) that the group must complete.  We did the first scenario which is fairly simple and used as a learning tool for the basics of the game.

But it was still a challenge.  I really like the theme though.  The bits are amazing, the art is fantastic and the gameplay is fast – many Rat Warriors to defeat!  I recommend watching a YouTube tutorial before playing.  I watched it after and it would have helped a lot to have watched it first.

It’s really great that so many people have made these tutorial videos.  Some really superior games have crazy long and complex rules and these videos level the learning curve substantially.  My basic method is to read the rules, watch one or more videos, review the rules again and then sit down to try to play (often with the rules glued to my hand).  Once we get the hang of it, we can teach it to others.  The hardest thing is that first play.

So, I’m ready to play Mice and Mystics again.  I’m going to reserve my rating until after my second play.  I’ll keep you posted.

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