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by: on September 5, 2012  |  

I’m starting a games store.  That’s right, I’m quitting my job and putting my money into a game store.  Crazy right?!  I’m doing it anyway.

Here’s my motivation:  I’ve been working my ass off for a long time to provide a good life and college for my kid.  He’s grown up now (20!) and now I’m looking down that long road to retirement.  My job is no longer fulfilling.  I’m a software testing manager and I’m really tired of it.  I’m not really learning anything anymore.  The company isn’t going to promote me any further up the chain because I’m done playing their games.  That leaves me with either finding another job like this one or doing something else.  I’m opting for doing something else.

So, this blog will follow my journey to opening Meeples Games.  I’ve gotten a lot accomplished so far:

  • Formed an LLC and gotten the business license, EIN number, etc
  • Found an accountant
  • Opened a bank account with checks and a debit card
  • Subscribed to a gaming magazine
  • Registered Meeples Games as a trademark
  • Purchased and .net domains
  • Set up a temporary website
  • Set up a facebook page
  • Started researching demographics, locations, leases, etc
  • Working on a logo with my brother Rob
  • Preparing to write the business plan

This isn’t going to make me a million dollars, but I’m pretty excited to be working hard to do something I’m excited about instead of work on software.

I’ll add entries here as I get things accomplished.  I’m going to China for work on Saturday, so don’t wait up for me to add anything new until I get back.

Oh, and I’m going to write here about the games I play and buy, too.  Latest favorite?  The Village.

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