From the Suggestion Box

by: on October 27, 2015  |  

Here’s to another edition of From the Suggestion Box

  • More gluten free / vegan options
    • Thanks for the suggestion.  We’re always trying to add to and adjust the menu to accommodate as many of our customers as possible.  I’ll keep this in mind as we work on the menu.
  • Lemonade, Hot Apple Cider and Pizza
    • Good suggestions.  I hadn’t thought about hot apple cider, and will consider adding it to the drink menu for the winter.
    • Pizza might be coming soon!  We’ll keep you posted.
  • Smoothies
    • Not something I have considered before, but I’ll take it under advisement.
  • Name the White Zombie Dragon Elsa
    • I think it has already been named, but I’ll check and if it’s not, sure thing!
  • Keep being awesome!
    • Thanks, we will!


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