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GAMA Expo Report – Part 1

Last week, Brian and I went to Reno to participate in our biggest industry trade show – GAMA Expo. This show is put on by GAMA – the Game Manufacturers Association. It’s a week of networking, game playing, showcasing new games, general mayhem.

We saw some REALLY great games, some of which are on the way and others are coming this year.

Here’s a recap of just a few of games we’re excited about.

Star Wars Shatterpoint – Atomic Mass

If you’re into Star Wars or Miniatures games, this one is for you. It releases on June 2, so get your orders in now!

This game was a huge hit at the show. The demo tables were packed every night. We have a demo copy coming early next week, so everyone can see it in person. We’re pretty excited about this one! The sculpts are great, the game play is fun, and I love the one-on-one combat style!

From the publisher: Iconic characters from across the Star Wars galaxy clash in this new miniatures skirmish game! Star Wars: Shatterpoint invites players to collect, assemble, and paint their own squads of heroes, villains, and their allies and pit them against one another in tense duels to control key battlefield objectives. Focusing on dynamic fights between key characters and a unique combat system that brings the feel of epic Star Wars duels to the tabletop, Star Wars: Shatterpoint gives players 16 characters to begin building their squads along with a selection of terrain to begin constructing their battlefields. Rounding out the set are all the cards, dice, movement tools and accessory players need to leap into the tactical combat of Star Wars: Shatterpoint!

MonsDRAWcity – Deep Water Games

This one is so fun! Everyone is laughing the whole time. This game is out now. We have a library copy right now and stock is on the way.

O.M.G. y’all, this game is cute and fun. Players compete to draw the best version of a cute monster simply by listening to a description given after only 20 seconds of looking at the picture. CRAZY! How are your memory and your description skills??

From the publisher: Imagine seeing a real alien stomping through your backyard. Now imagine describing what it looked like to a police sketch artist. That is exactly what you are expected to do while playing the frantic drawing party game MonsDRAWsity.

One player, known as “the Witness”, has twenty seconds to examine a picture of a bizarre-looking creature, then they must describe it to the rest of the players, known as “Sketch Artists”. At the end of the round, the witness awards points to the artist who was able to most closely match the monster seen by the witness!

Queen by Midnight – Darrington Press

Wow. Big Wow! This game is just gorgeous. It releases in August, if you want one, let us know.

I love a good deck-builder and this one doesn’t disappoint. You are one of six princesses vying to take over the Court after the Queen’s demise – by Midnight. I can’t get over the table presence of this game. The Clocktower tracks turns, offers cards to buy, and rolls your dice! It spins to face each player on their turn.

From the publisher: The Midnight Queen is dead… As her kingdom weeps, the Queen’s dying command was to invoke the Rule By Midnight: a trial of combat and guile, where the Princesses of the Twelve Lands meet in secret to battle and scheme against one another. At the stroke of midnight, the most powerful Princess left standing will be crowned the new Midnight Queen!

BOOoop – Smirk & Dagger

If you like Boop, you’re gonna love this Halloween version – BOOoop. And, now with Ghost Cats! Expect this one around Halloween.

BOOoop is a two-player game of cats on the bed. It’s got easy rules and deceptively challenging game play. Plus, it’s sooo cute!

From the publisher:

  • Approachable but challenging abstract game following the incredible success of the original “boop” as a limited seasonal game.
  • Features a new quilted, fabric board that lays over the back of the box, completing the minature bed playing surface. 34 adorable wood cat and kitten playing pieces!
  • NEW Ghost Cats can boop cats over other pieces as they move across the board between spaces.

More cool games to come in Part 2!

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