GAMA Trade Show on Monday!!

by: on March 15, 2013  |  

Once again lots going on since my last post.

  • Ordered business cards for Brian and I.  His came in yesterday, but mine didn’t show.  I went to a quick print place last night to get some for myself.  We’ll be needing them for the show.
  • Last week viewed a property for lease.  It’s not the greatest location and I’m looking forward to viewing some more places.  My guy Dan was out of town this week and I’m out of town next week, so we’re catching up week after next.  At this rate it’s going to take a long time to find a spot.  Still very exciting!
  • Got shirts from Rob.  Long sleeve button front – black and denim with the logo embroidered over the pocket.  They look pretty nice.  We’ll be wearing them at the show.

Really looking forward to going to the show with Brian.  We’re going to learn so much.

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