Here are all of the Deck Building game reviews

Legendary Encounters (An Alien™ Deck Building Game)

Reviewed by: Brian Taylor

What’s that sound coming from the ventilation shafts?  Legendary Encounters is a cooperative, deck-building game where players team up to survive and defeat the Alien (like the movies!) assault. Each player has a role, and players draft “character” cards to build their own personal decks that are used to search for and battle aliens, recruit new characters cards, and to assist other players on their turns. The game comes with four scenarios that correspond to the Alien movies, and can also be played by randomizing the encounters and characters.

This game will appeal to players who like the Aliens theme, deck building games, and cooperative games. As you play, the suspense builds and tension mounts until you finally – if you survive long enough – meet the boss alien. Player interaction is encouraged and essential – special “coordinate” cards played from your hand on another players turn boosts their ability to attack or recruit cards.

The Bits:

The game comes with 600 cards and a nice, visually appealing and well-organized play mat. With the cards sleeved, the box is only about half full so I anticipate future expansions (and that makes me happy). The art is very nice comic-style images depicting familiar faces and elements of the movies. The text readability on the cards is much better than in the “Marvel Legendary” game. Included in the box are divider cards to use after you’ve sorted the cards – I found that after I labeled the dividers the setup goes fairly quick (say (read more...)

Forbidden Desert: Thirst For Survival

Reviewed by: Connor Alexander

I think I reached a new level of board game geek with my purchase of Forbidden Desert. It’s the first game I purchased in large part due to the fact that I was familiar with the designer’s previous work. Matt Leacock also created Pandemic, which is a wonderful cooperative play game that became a big hit with our fairly non-competitive group. The fact that Forbidden Desert also offered cooperative play was the final selling point for me.

Forbidden Desert (the full title is Forbidden Desert: Thirst For Survival and is put out by Gamewright) is a cooperative tile-based game for 2-5 players, aged 10 and up. It takes about 30-60 minutes depending on your skill level and familiarity with the game. While the game itself is fairly easy to learn, sporting a small six page rule book, it’s fairly difficult to master, which in my opinion is a great thing in a cooperative game.

Across a windswept desert, your team of adventurers is hunting for a legendary flying ship from the past. But a deadly sand storm has crashed your helicopter and stranded you. Now, with your very lives on the line, you must scour the area to find the pieces of the flying ship, assemble it and escape the sand storm before you’re all swallowed up by the ever shifting desert.

Each player takes on a random role (such as ‘Explorer’ or ‘Water Bearer’) and moves around a set of randomly arranged tiles that lie face down. These tiles, laid out (read more...)