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We’re getting close! And a new poll about beer!

We’re so close to finally getting the store open – Woot!

Today they are finishing the drywall and this weekend they will be painting.  I can’t wait to see it painted.  At this point it’s still a little hard to imagine what it’s going to look like.  The plastic sheeting that is there to keep the dust out of the north and south 2/3 of the space makes it seem smaller than it really is.

Tuesday we’re moving in the heavy kitchen equipment.  We had to rent a lift to get the big stuff up there.  The elevator isn’t big enough to handle a 95″ long kegerator!  It’s all coming together so fast!  After so much planning and waiting…

I met with the beer distributor yesterday.  There are so many choices for local craft brews that I’m posting a new poll to get your opinions.  Speak up now, cuz I know what I like, but what about you?  It’s your store! (The poll will be up later today.)

Here are some pictures of the current state of things.  Well, as of Thursday, anyway.


Looking into the front cafe counter area and off into the kitchen on the right


Looking from the back to the front entrance. There’s another 1/3 of the space on the left there


Looking from the back North toward the West. One of the washrooms is on the left at the end of this hall and the entrance to the tournament space is on the right. The lockers will be in one of these nooks.


The office and storeroom


Looking out the window in the office into the tournament space and the retail space beyond. There will be shelving dividing this space with a ‘doorway’ between

  1. I just noticed that you’ve responded AND added dates. Thanks! Can’t wait for your place to be up and running!

  2. Hi Dan! What a great idea. Sheesh, I can’t believe I didn’t notice. We’re getting that one fixed early this week. Thanks!!

  3. BTW, Any chance you can add dates to these blog posts? It’s hard to get a bead on when things are happening with no dates… I saw that Tabletop Day was “tomorrow” in one post, but with no point of reference well, that’s kind of useless. I’d also like to keep track of your building progress but as far as I can tell these photos could have been a month ago.

  4. Awesome! Thanks for the updates!

  5. Yay!

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