Guest Reviewer Laura W. Allen

by: on January 28, 2014  |  

Hey y’all.  Check out the latest review – Eldritch Horror.  Laura Allen from the West Seattle Boardgames Meetup wrote this one.  I really makes me want to play this game right now!  If you would like to submit a review, just send me an email and I’ll send you the template.  Easy peasy.

If you’re thinking ‘I don’t have that game.  Where can I get it?’ I can’t sell you a copy yet, but we’re going to have our online store up and running in February.  And the brick and mortar will be open in April.

Other news – played D&D last night.  Not much happened except I sweet talked a tinker into giving me a sword and accepted a quest to find a lost amulet in exchange for some sort of (magic?) glass rod from a blind wizard who lives in a glass house.  Other than that nothing much happened.  Except that the teenage dragon almost got into a fight with an evil dog but chickened out.  Other than that nothing happened.  Except Bubba and Scales figured out how to get into the city and now Bubba has a donkey.  But other than that, nothing happened.

International Table Top Game Day is coming up on April 5.  The store won’t be open yet, but we should definitely have a get together.  Last year we did it at the Outlander Brewery and Pub in Fremont and it was great fun.  It would be nice to do it somewhere in West Seattle.  Let me know if you have any ideas!

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