Halloween Werewolf

by: on September 16, 2015  |  

October 31st, 8pm

A whisper travels through the village. People are waking up to find their loved ones mauled. Monsters lurk among us, taking Human form in the day, but by night… the WEREWOLF hunts!

Join us Halloween night, at 8pm, to play the classic guessing and bluffing game WEREWOLF, here at Meeples Games! Everyone who convenes will be part of the village, and each turn night will fall… and someone will die! The villages must discover the identity of the werewolf – or werewolves – while there are still enough of them left to fight!

Hank will be our storyteller. Are you brave enough to face the werewolf… or clever enough to survive as one?

Check out the Meetup Event HERE


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