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Introducing Two Thin Coats paint line

We’ve added a whole new line of paint for all your painting needs.  Introducing the Two Thin Coats paint line.  This is a premium paint designed and formulated from the ground up by Master Painter Duncan Rhodes host of the Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy.  Check them out in the Meeples Games Web Store!

Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy Logo

From the website:

“The Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy ‘Two Thin Coats’ Paint Range is a range of paints developed from the ground up with some of the best paint development chemists in the world. These are not paints we just bought off the shelf and bottled. We developed each colour to meet our high standards of what we thought a miniature paint should be. We have been working in partnership with Trans Atlantis Games to create a set of paints that would be useful to any level of hobbyist. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned painter, we believe that you’ll find using these paints an absolute joy to use! We are both extremely excited for hobbyists around the world to get their hands on these paints and to give them a whirl…or to apply two thin coats!”

The range currently has 60 colors with more to come.  6 washes, 6 metallics, and 48 colors including primary and secondary colors.  They are designed in a ‘triad’ system which means that each hue has a shadow color, a mid-tone color, and a highlight color.  PLUS, more colors are on the way!  Watch out for Wave 2 coming later this year.


If you’re a user of another paint, give this one a try.  Here’s a handy color conversion chart!

Two Thin Coats paint color conversion chart.


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