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Well… no promises…

I’ve been working hard to find a location and get a space leased.  I have the greatest agent – Dan Stutz from CBRE.  He’s really great.  He’s been an excellent advocate, he believes in me and the in the idea of the store.  

We’ve been trying to lease the location at 42nd and Alaska in West Seattle.  It’s in Jefferson Square, right on the corner across from Petco.  The space is weirdly shaped and as a result is much less expensive than other locations in that area.  It’s huge though – which ultimately means it will be about the same price, but for three times the space.

The buildout is going to cost a fortune, too!  But at the end, it’s going to be amazing inside with room for two private rooms, tournament space for 36, lots of cafe tables, a bar/serving area, small kitchen and of course, the retail space.  Gonna be great!

The current schedule is that we will get a lease early next week.  This whole process has been patience zapping.  We’ve been working with this property since the beginning of April and now it’s the beginning of June.  Oh, well, hopefully we’ll get what we want early next week.

As soon as I have a lease and an approximate date for when the property will be handed over to me (the property will tear out the existing walls) I can QUIT MY JOB and focus on the store.  I waver between feeling like I’m not doing anything with the store when there’s so much to be done and being shocked that I’m getting so much done while having a fairly stressful and busy full time job.  I like it when I’m sitting in the latter position 🙂

I emailed the accountant today because it’s time to get some things in place for starting to spend some real money.  S corp or not????

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