Lots going on

by: on February 1, 2013  |  

Wow, so much happening.

Trying to find someone to work with me to find retail space.  Yesterday reached out to an old friend who is going to refer me to someone.  Check.

Join GAMA (www.gama.org). Check

Register for the GAMA Trade Show. Check

Book flight and hotel for the GTS.  Check

Still to do:

More work on the business plan – making real progress here.  Market information is hard to come by though.  I’m hoping that G’s login to the SCC library will give me some good info.

Get final logo from Rob and order business cards.

Order shirts from Rob.

Guess I need to call Rob 🙂

Haven’t decided when to quit my job for sure still.  April?  I really want to talk to a real estate person first.  I need to know how long it will take to get the space.  Also would like to know if EMC stock is going to go up 🙂

Super excited about the Trade Show.  I almost feel like the two of us won’t be enough to cover all the great talks.  So much to learn!

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