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Lots going on

So much is happening!  We’ve finalized the store layout – well, final enough to start getting a work letter and drawings in the hands of potential contractors.  There was much discussion around how many toilets we needed, but came up with a solution earlier this week so we can move forward with that.

I’m waiting for lease comments back from my attorney (should get those today) so we can finalize the lease and sign it.  I’m really looking forward to crossing this one off my list.  It will mark the beginning of the super busy period – so much to get done!

Today I’ve been working on lining up liability insurance.  Not an easy task.  ‘Game store / gaming cafe with beer and wine’ isn’t really an existing category for insurers.  I have four quote requests out there so hopefully I’ll get something back later this week or early next week.

Oh, and I found a new accountant / tax advisor / preparer.  Wow, she really knows what she’s talking about.  I’m so glad I found her.  She was referred to me and I like her so much better than the folks I had already lined up.  Turns out I need to change the corporate structure of my company and revise my 2012 taxes.  The way it is now isn’t right for my business.  Luckily this is all easily done.

I’ve also been playing a lot of games!  Several new ones this week.  Red Dragon Inn is a game about questers gathering at the local pub after their quest.  It’s sort of a drinking game, but the players don’t drink, their game characters do.  If your alcohol level gets too high you pass out and are out of the game.  Last one still coherent wins.  It was very fun and I’m looking forward to playing it with more people.

Played Gauntlet of Fools with Garrett yesterday.  It’s the same game designer as the very popular Dominion – Donald X Vaccarino.  It’s fairly light and fun.  While, it too can be played with two people, I’m looking forward to playing it with more.  It’s always more fun with more people!

I also have several game sessions lined up – Cards Against Humanity with the girls on Friday, Fury of Dracula with the boys on Sunday and dinner and Dominion next Tuesday.  Not to mention the two or three games Brian and I will play in the meantime.  I love it!

If you’ve clicked on any of the links to these games you’ll notice it sends you to boardgamegeek.com.  This is the best website for all things gaming.  Every game is there with ratings, forums, questions, rules clarifications – pretty much anything you might want to know about a game is there.  You can join for free, track your collection, rate games, log plays, etc.  There are Android and IOS apps – it’s the ultimate for game geeks.  Go check it out!

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