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Meeples Games Board Game League! Weekly Prizes Including a Copy of the Game!

Six Week Board Game League at Meeples Games – 1st place each week gets a copy of the game!

Join us to have fun and win cool prizes starting Monday August 24 at 6:00 PM!

Monday Nights August 24 – October 5

Each week we will be playing a different game (see the list below.)  If you haven’t played the game, stop by the store for a demo or check it out from our game library and practice for the competition!  Watch our calendar for Learn to Play events.

  • It will cost $10 per week to play in the league due the night of the event.
  • You can sign up in advance at the store to reserve a spot.
    • For the 2015 Summer Season, up to 8 players can play each week.  A minimum of 4 players is required for prizes to be awarded.
  • Players will be randomly assigned to game tables for each round.  Most games will play three rounds. Each round, Meeple Points (MP) will be awarded based on finishing order.
  • First Place in a game gets 2 points and Second Place gets 1 point.
  • After all the rounds are finished, players will be ranked by Meeple Points*.
  • First Place (the player with the most Meeple Points*) will be awarded a copy of the game.
  • Second Place get a $10 Gift Card
  • Each week we will have a random Lucky Door Prize Winner who will get something cool.

At the end of the night League Points will be awarded based on Meeple Points.

League Points are as follows:

  • 1st Place (highest MP) – 8
  • 2nd Place – 7
  • 3rd Place – 6
  • 4th Place – 5
  • All other players receive 3 points for playing

At the end of the League Season final prizes are awarded as follows:

  • 1st Place – $100 Meeples Gift Card
  • 2nd Place –  $75 Meeples Gift Card
  • 3rd Place – $50 Meeples Gift Card
  • 4th – 8th Place – $10 Meeples Gift Card

There will also be a cool item for every participant who has come to each week’s game.

2015 Summer Season 1 games

  • Week 1 – Camel Up (8/24)
  • Week 2 – Machi Koro (8/31)
  • Week 3 – DC Deckbuilding Game Teen Titans (9/7)
  • BYE (not meeting on 9/14)
  • Week 4 – Harbour (9/21)
  • Week 5 – Boss Monster (9/28)
  • Week 6 – Carcassonne (10/5)

*All ties will be resolved by individual game scores.

Monday Nights August 24 – October 5


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