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New Games!

We have some really great new games this week!  A little something for everyone from tea parties to WWII and everything in between.


Pikoko 10+, 3-5 Players, 30 Minutes

Pikoko is a trick-taking game with a few fun twists.  Players can’t see their own hand of cards AND play the cards of the person on their left!  Crazy!!

5 Minute Marvel 8+, 2-5 Players, 5 Minutes

5 Minute Marvel is the Marvel version of the fun, fast-paced 5 Minute Dungeon.  Players choose Marvel Characters to work together to take out all of the bad guys in just 5 minutes! 

Dinosaur Tea Party 7+, 3-5 Players, 15-30 Minutes

Cheerio, Old Mate! In Dinosaur Tea Party players assume accents to ask questions of other players in order to determine their names.  It’s a rollicking deduction game that’s always fun.  Available to play from our Game Library!

Lost Cities Rivals 10+, 3-4 Players, 40 Minutes

Lost Cities: Rivals features gameplay familiar from other titles in the Lost Cities series. Players will collect colored expedition cards and place them in ascending order in personal expeditions, possibly placing wager cards before beginning an expedition in order to increase its value. The primary difference in this title compared to others is that you must win auctions in order to place cards in your expeditions.

The Lady and the Tiger 6+, 1-6 Players, 20 Minutes

The Lady and the Tiger is five games in one!

Doors: A 2-player deduction game by Peter C. Hayward.
Favor: A 2-4 player auction game by Allysha Tulk and Kevin Carmichael.
Hoard: A solo game by Ken Maher.
Labyrinth: A 2-player maze game by Philip Tootill.
Traps: A 2-6 player bluffing game by JR Honeycutt.

Welcome To… 10+, 1-100 Players, 30 Minutes

As an architect in Welcome To…, you want to build the best new town in the United States of the 1950s by adding resources to a pool, hiring employees, and more.  Similar to dice games like Yahtzee, except it doesn’t use dice, but instead uses cards.

Nyctophobia 10+, 3-5 Players, 30-45 Minutes

Nyctophobia, which means “fear of the dark”, is a cooperative game of survival in which up to four players must work together to escape a maniacal predator chasing them in a pitch-black forest. But there’s a wrinkle: Would-be survivors play the game with blackout glasses. Players cannot see the board and have to rely on touch to navigate their way to safety. So, are you afraid of the dark?

Dunkirk France 1940 12+, 2-6 Players, 120-180 Minutes

Dunkirk: France 1940 is a block wargame designed by Doug Bryant. The game allows you to refight the German invasion of France, and the low countries in May and June of 1940.

Samurai Jack: Back to the Past 13+, 2-5 Players, 45-60 Minutes

Based on the fifth and final season of the animated series, Samurai Jack: Back to the Past picks up the title character’s mission to return to the era before the reign of his adversary, the evil demon Aku. Jack’s friends accompany him along a path, comprised of various locations from the series, to defeat villains and finish with the most honor. Winning requires utilizing allies, traits, and weapons while guarding Jack’s sanity, taking players on an unpredictable ride that mirrors the story-rich episodes revered by critics and loved by fans.

Samurai Jack: Back to the Past features custom sculpted figures for Jack, Aku, Ashi, and more characters from the series.

Rick and Morty The Pickle Rick Game 13+, 1-2 Players, 30-45 Minutes

As you might expect, Rick and Morty: The Pickle Rick Game is based on the “Pickle Rick” episode of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty. One player plays as Pickle Rick as he tries to escape a heavily armed compound, while the other player takes on the roles of both the Russians and Jaguar as they try to stop him. The Pickle Rick player uses weapons cards to dole out damage and Air Vents to get out of jams as they try to get to the rooftop. The game includes both Pickle Rick and Jaguar miniatures that are moved across a dynamic board made up of tiles that are constantly being added, rotated, and flipped.

Ultimate Werewolf Legacy 13+, 8-16 Players, 60 Minutes

Ultimate Werewolf Legacy uses gameplay similar to Ultimate Werewolf, but you no longer have single standalone games as players and the village itself have attributes that are retained between games, with events that take place in the first games having effects that ripple through remaining games.

Smash Up Oops, You Did It Again 14+, 2-4 Players, 45 Minutes

Smash Up: Oops, You Did It Again is a standalone two-player-only game that can also be used as an expansion for other Smash Up titles. The four factions to be included in this set are Vikings, Cowboys, Samurai, and Egyptians.


Imhotep: A New Dynasty 10+, 204 Players, 50 Minutes

Imhotep: A New Dynasty adds five new places, fourteen market cards, seven god cards, four chariots, and 56 tiles to the Imhotep base game. God cards let players predict the progress of different buildings, with them being rewarded at the end of the game if they’re correct and otherwise being punished.

Sagrada 5-6 Player Expansion

You can now enjoy more Sagrada by adding up to 2 extra players! This expansion introduces the Private Dice Pool boards for smooth gameplay through 6 players. Also includes new private objectives, tools, and window pattern cards.

Munchkin Starfinder 10+, 3-6 Players, 60-120 Minutes

Munchkin Starfinder combines the roleplaying, backstabbing action of classic Munchkin with the lasers, alien planets, starships, and adorably deadly skittermanders from the Starfinder Roleplaying Game! Defeat The Swarm and loot the universe in Munchkin Starfinder!

Arkham Horror LCG The City of Archives Mythos Pack


Modern Age Basic Rulebook
Alternity Core Rulebook

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