Adult D&D is here! 4 week sessions, Professional DM, $80!

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Adult D&D is here!

Join our professional Dungeon Master Lo, for a super-fun four week session of D&D!  We’re playing Tomb of Annihilation and it’s gonna be great.  The greatest, really!  Believe me, the greatest!!

Date:  Sunday afternoons 5:00 – 8:00

Cost: $80 / 4-weeks ($20 per 3 hour session)

Here’s what you get when you register for the four-week session

  • 4, 3-hour sessions of D&D with only adults (must be 21 to play)
  • One beverage of your choice each week (some exclusions)
  • A coupon for 20% off a Player’s Handbook, a set of dice or a mini
  • Limited to 6 players, so you get lots of play time

The sessions recur every four weeks, so if you want to keep playing, we’ll hold a spot for you.

Lo is a great DM, having volunteered for Wizards of the Coast on many occasions DM’ing at various events over the past several years.  You’ll definitely have a great time playing with her.

Registration is recommended and payment is due on or before the day of the first session.  Call 206.5335.7896, email or stop by in person.

Adult D&D With Lo! 4 Weeks / $80

Sunday, Apr 22, 2018, 5:00 PM

Meeples Games
3727 California Ave SW Suite 2B Seattle, WA

1 Gamers Attending

Looking to play Dungeons and Dragons? Pull up a chair, grab a flagon of your favorite beverage, and bring your luckiest dice as we explore the exotic continent of Chult: home to hordes of undead, sweltering jungles, ravenous dinosaurs, and the few souls brave enough to dare these perils in search of cure for the mysterious Death Curse! Open to pla…

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New Games for You!

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So many new games!


Dr Eureka

Dr Eureka – Ages 8+ – In Our Library!

The brilliant Dr. Eureka has important experiments for you to complete! You must solve his scientific formulas by mixing the molecules from tube to tube without touching them with your bare hands. Transfer your molecules faster than your competition in Dr. Eureka to prove you’re the smartest scientist in the lab.  You can check out Dr Eureka from our Game Library!

Kitty Bitty - 4+ - In Our Library!

Kitty Bitty – 4+ – In Our Library!

Kitty Bitty, by Blue Orange Games – It’s nap time, but the baby critters just want to play. Your job is to make it happen, helping the critters move around without being seen by the adults. Players need to remember which adults are looking in which directions in order to avoid their stares and keep moving!  Check out this game from our Game Library!

Pathfinder Adventure Path - Crownfall

Pathfinder Adventure Path – Crownfall

Pathfinder Adventure Path Crownfall – As Taldor’s entire capital city gathers to celebrate, few realize that conspiracy and royal rivalries are about to shake the empire to its core! When a high-minded cabal of senators and nobles tries to steer the nation away from disaster, Emperor Stavian III orders a bloodbath in the senate halls, trapping neophyte spies inside layer upon layer of magical security. As tensions rise and the emperor falls, can the heroes escape the forgotten halls beneath the senate and save the heir to Taldor from an assassin’s blade? And even then, can anyone prevent a civil war that will tear one of the Inner Sea’s oldest nations apart at its rotting seams?


SuperHive is a SuperNice card storage system!

The Ultimate Guard SuperHive is SuperGreat!  With a 550+ capacity, it can hold 5 Sidewinder Deck Boxes or 5 Boulder Deck Cases, or 550 double sleeved cards AND have room for two playmats and your dice and tokens.  Woo!


Icons of the Realms Monster Menagerie III Blind Box Minis

Icons of the Realms Monster Menagerie III Blind Box Minis

The long awaited Set 8 of the amazing WizKids Prepainted Miniatures Monster Menagerie III is here!  The menagerie of monsters also includes new heroes and player characters such as the Aasimar and the Tritons, villains and monsters that include the Neogi and Slaad as well as some powerful new giants like the Dreamwalker and the Dreadnought. Collect all 44 figures from Monster Menagerie III, the newest set of randomly sorted monsters and heroes in our exciting line of D&D miniatures, Icons of the Realms.

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Carlton House & Queen's Park

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Carlton House & Queen’s Park

Return to the streets of Victorian London, but also venture into brand new locations in the latest installment in the Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective line: Carlton House & Queen’s Park! Like the previously released The Thames Murders and Other CasesCarlton House & Queen’s Park introduces ten exciting cases, each one drawing players deep into the world of Sherlock Holmes.

The Thing - Infection at Outpost 31

The Thing – Infection at Outpost 31

In the hidden identity game The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31, you will relive John Carpenter’s sci-fi cult classic in a race to discover who among the team has been infected by this heinous lifeform. Play as one of twelve characters as you lead a series of investigations through the facility using supplies and equipment to clear the building. The tension mounts and paranoia ensues as you question who you can trust in the ultimate race to save humanity!

Starfinder Pact Worlds

Starfinder Pact Worlds

The Pact Worlds are the beating heart of the Starfinder campaign setting, a solar system full of citizens both familiar and bizarre. From the cosmopolitan corridors of Absalom Station to the carnivorous jungles of Castrovel or the floating cloud-cities of the gas giant Bretheda, this hardcover rulebook is your guide to Starfinder’s core worlds and civilizations, and the perfect place to launch any adventure.

War of Kings - 7.8 rating!

War of Kings – 7.8 rating!

In War of Kings by Rainn Studios, you will assume the role of one of the rival kings. Immediately, you will be faced with decisions on every round of play about how best to expand your realm.

New Games and GAMA

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Brian and I just got back from a week of hobnobbing with our peeps in the game industry and we’re both exhausted and excited about some of the new things coming out this year.  We’ll have some highlights in another post, but this is all about the new games that came in while we were away.  There are some really great things both out now and on the horizon!

New Games and Restocks

Tales from the Loop: Our Friends the Machines

This first expansion for the iconic Tales from the Loop RPG, Our Friends the Machines brings more adventure as toys suddenly gain intelligence!

Labyrinth Ocean!

Labyrinth Ocean is the same great Labyrinth game play with a cool Ocean theme!

The In Between

InBetween, a nod to Stranger Things is a game for two players, competing against each other to either protect or devour the inhabitants of Upsideville in a tug-of-war between the Human and Creature dimensions.  We have this in the Game Library!

Skull – Back in Stock!

Skull is rated 7.1 on!

Catan Seafarers Secnario – Legend of the Sea Robbers

Catan: Seafarers Scenario – Legend of the Sea Robbers includes four new linked scenarios that tell the “Legend of the Sea Robber” to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Catan: Seafarers.

Firefly Adventures Brigands and Browncoats

Firefly: Adventures is a cooperative, mission based, skirmish-level game where the players use the different skills and abilities of Malcolm, Zoë, Jayne, Kaylee and Wash to succeed.


In Sakura, every year the Emperor walks through the imperial gardens to greet the spring, every year he stops beneath the Sakura trees, and every year you try to paint his picture. This will be your year.

Tak University Edition

Tak is a two-player abstract strategy game dreamed up by Pat Rothfuss in “The Wise Man’s Fear” and made reality by James Ernest. In Tak, players attempt to make a road of their pieces connecting two opposite sides of the board.  The University Edition is the same great game as the larger, more expensive version, but with a smaller profile while maintaining the nice wooden bits.

Meeple Circus

Meeple Circus is back in stock!  Of course, this is our favorite game!

D&D Summer Camp at Meeples Games!

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D&D Summer Camp

Calling all Adventurers!  Join Dungeon Master Lo for a full week of D&D fun!

  • $275
  • Two sessions to choose from:
    • July 16-20
    • August 13-17
  • 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm Monday – Friday
  • Space limited to 8 per session, so register early!
  • 206.535.7896
  • Kids 10-14
  • Program
    • Work together to build a World in which to play
    • Create maps of that World
    • Each participant will design a dungeon and then play in that dungeon
    • Learn about storytelling and roleplaying
    • Create a character
    • Choose and paint a miniature of that character
    • Learn to play and play tons of D&D
    • All materials provided
    • Everyone gets a set of dice, a dice bag, coins and other goodies
    • Coupon for 20% off a Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook
    • Healthy snack each day (Attendees should eat lunch before arriving)
      • Additional snacks and beverages are available for purchase in our cafe
    • Skills building and teamwork
    • Math and probabilities
    • Multiple activities per day
    • Fun Fun Fun!