MtG: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Prerelease Events!

by: on July 9, 2021  |  

It’s the moment we have all been waiting for…our first in-person prerelease event in over a year! Here are the details.

  • Friday, July 16th- 6:30pm
  • Saturday, July 17th- 1:30pm
  • Sunday, July 18th- 1:30pm
  • Cost- $30
  • Format- Sealed

Each of these events will be capped at 36 players, so call us today to reserve your spot. 206.535.7896. This is a mixed ages event, so Masks will be required.

Our preorders are NOT on our online store, give us a call to preorder all your Forgotten Realms products. For more information or questions, give us a call Sunday-Thursday 12-7pm, Friday and Saturday 12-10pm. We are very excited to have everyone back in store!

It’s hot

by: on June 27, 2021  |  

It’s very hot and many of us don’t have AC. Meeples is air conditioned and we have tables where you can sit to be inside and be cool. There is no cafe service, we don’t open until next week, but we have free water and some cold drinks.

No games, please. Social distancing requirements are waived and mask usage while sitting down is up to you. Masks are required when entering and walking around, though, so be prepared.

We’re Hiring!

by: on June 14, 2021  |  

Come join the most fun team in West Seattle! Meeples Games is reopening our cafe after being closed for over a year. We’re super excited about being able to welcome our amazing West Seattle community back for food, fun, and games!

If you’ve always wanted to work in a game store, have a great, friendly, helpful personality, are smart and learn fast, love to play games and have restaurant experience, come join our team.

To apply, please email a resume and cover letter to and tell us why you want to be a part of this great team.

Game Café Kitchen Staffer

Meeples Games is West Seattle’s premier Game Café located between the Alaska and Admiral Junctions.  We’re a community spot for great food, gaming and fun.  We’re a tight knit group of awesome people working together to provide the best possible experience for all of our guests on every visit and we want YOU!

Our café has been closed during the pandemic and we’re currently looking for both full and part-time kitchen staff to get us back to fully open and greeting our amazing community. 

If you’ve always wanted to work in a game store, have a great, friendly, helpful personality, are smart and learn fast, love to play games and have restaurant experience, come join our team.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Uphold and represent Meeples Games’ exemplary customer service to all guests
  • Maintain a positive and friendly attitude
  • Prepare food for cafe service including prepping the cold table (lettuce, lunch meat, cheese, condiments), preparing food items from recipes, and keeping things clean.
  • Follow all policies and health department codes in the kitchen
  • Help customers by taking orders, serving beverages and pastries, and operating the POS system
  • Prepare orders including making sandwiches, pizzas and salads, plating pastries, making coffee drinks, and serving beer and wine
  • Handle dishes, bus tables, and clean the dining area
  • Check-in and put away food and game orders
  • Closing including putting everything away and cleaning the kitchen, dining room and washrooms
  • Cleaning – dusting, floors, organizing, etc
  • Stay up-to-date on existing games and new games to be able to discuss with guests
  • Occasionally, work the front counter including making recommendations from the game library, selling games to customers, running the cash register, answering the phone, executing Magic: the Gathering card sales, and all other duties that go with that position
  • Follow proscribed procedures and share duties with co-workers

Job Qualifications:

  • Washington State Food Handler’s Permit (within 2 weeks of hire)
  • Washington State MAST permit (within 2 weeks of hire)
  • Previous experience in a commercial kitchen is required
  • Experience running a point-of-sale / cash register system required
  • Knowledge of tabletop gaming a plus (RPGs, Miniatures, Magic: the Gathering, board games, etc)
  • Experience operating a commercial espresso machine a plus
  • Sales experience a plus
  • Superior customer service skills
  • Happy and upbeat
  • Able to follow instructions and work in a team environment
  • Able to lift 40 pounds
  • Able to stand for shift (up to 8 hours)
  • Excellent written and oral English
  • Must be at least 18 years of age

No phone calls, please.

June Staff Picks!

by: on June 12, 2021  |  

We have compiled a list of games we are loving for June! These games are just a few of our favorites. What games have you been loving lately?

Nichole Davis – Tiny Towns

  • Name of Game: Tiny Towns
  • Rating: 5 Meeples
  • Publisher: AEG
  • Year Published: 2019
  • Type of Game: Strategy, Planning
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Number of Players: 1-5

Tiny Towns is a really fun strategy game where you have you own 4×4 grid with which to build your tiny town on. The way it works, you put resource blocks down in a specific pattern to build buildings and whatnot, you get points for various layouts that change up each game depending on what cards are drawn in the beginning. Each turn you get to pick a resource you need, the trick being that everyone has to pick up that same resource and find a place on their own boards for it. There are also special unique buildings that each person gets, so no one’s town will ever be exactly the same. It’s really cool to see how everyone goes about making their towns differently when everyone is given the same resources in the same order. The bits are really nice as well, wooden and colorfully painted, with adorable tiny buildings. This is honestly one of my favorite games. You can also rent Tiny Towns before you buy!

Boyce Asquith- Dungeon Mayhem

  • Name of Game: Dungeon Mayhem
  • Rating: 4.5 Meeples
  • Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
  • Year Published: 2018
  • Type of Game: Card, Family
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Number of Players: 2-4

Dungeon Mayhem is a light 2 to 4 player card game where the goal is to be the last one standing. Players choose a character from a D&D adventuring party and play that character’s deck to do their best to defeat their former allies and friends. A quick game with minimal set-up and space requirements perfect for a small desk or table. The expansions for Dungeon Mayhem also add a good amount to the base game!

Dani Kennedy- Everdell

  • Name of Game: Everdell
  • Rating: 4 Meeples
  • Publisher: Starling Games
  • Year Published: 2018
  • Type of Game: Worker Placement, Drafting
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Number of Players: 1-4

Everdell has become a hit amongst gamers of all levels. This game is a great introduction to the worker placement type game. Everdell is played in 4 seasons (rounds), earn points based on which cards you play into your tableau. Adding buildings to the busy woodland streets of Everdell gains you different points. The player with the most points at the end of Winter is the winner. Everdell is easy to learn, play and is so adorable! The only slight downfalls of the game is the resource tree that is in the middle of the table can be easily broken if not assembled carefully. And the footprint of the game is large, it can’t really be played on a small table. But the pros of the game defiantly outweigh the cons. We have a copy available to Rent before you buy!