Painting is happening and the current poll results

by: on April 15, 2014  |  

Hey y’all.  Just a quick update about the current state of things.  Painting started over the weekend – yay!  Brian stopped by this afternoon and grabbed this pic.  This is just inside the front door looking at what will be retail space.  That wall there in the foreground is where the checkout counter goes.  Looks pretty good.  You can’t see any accent colors in this shot.  More pics coming soon.

And now the current beer poll standings.  IPA, Cider and Porter are all tied up at 12 votes each.  Pale Ale and Lager both have eight votes.  Pilsner has seven while Hefeweizen and Mead are coming in at six each.  We have four taps, so get your votes in soon!  Well, no rush really, I have a few weeks to decide, but… beat the rush, vote early!







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