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I played 166 games in 2013

I just ran the numbers on Board Game Geek and I played 166 games last year.  That’s not 166 unique games, but 166 plays.  I actually thought the number would have been higher.  It’s an interesting exercise and I recommend all you game geeks out there to take a look.  If you track your plays, that is.  If you don’t, now is the perfect time to start.  BGG has iPhone and Android apps that make it easy.

From the numbers, here are my top ten played games of 2013.

  1. Dominion (all varieties) – 11 plays
  2. Cards Against Humanity – 11 plays
  3. Race for the Galaxy – 10 plays
  4. CD Comics Deck Building Game – 7 plays
  5. Arctic Scavengers – 6 plays
  6. 6 Nimmt! (affectionately known as Cow Heads) – 5 plays
  7. Galaxy Trucker – 5 plays
  8. Lord of the Rings Dice Building Game – 5 plays
  9. Castle Panic – 4 plays
  10. Frank’s Zoo – 4 plays

Apparently we were all about the deck builders last year.  There are a few oldies but goodies in there, too.  Ticket to Ride was tied with Castle Panic and Frank’s Zoo with 4 plays.  Frank’s Zoo is a fun little card game that I always enjoy.  I know I had more than four plays – I played it in December with my mom but must not have marked it down.  It is one of my favorites and we played it at work all the time.

The game breakdown by month is also interesting.  I played the most games in March – 26!  That’s when we went to GAMA so that makes sense.  The next highest month was October with 20 then December with 18.  The lightest month was June with 7.  When it’s nice in Seattle we go outside!  July and August were pretty high with 12 and 17 – camping is very conducive to playing games!

Up next, Brian’s 2013 game analysis (he’s the one who turned me on to this idea.)

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