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Progress and a game

It’s been a busy few weeks.  Lots of research and planning and decision making.

Monday we met with Burgess Design to talk about the next phase of the planning for the store buildout.  We talked about flooring and shelving and tons of little details and decisions that need to be made to move forward.  Wendy and Matin are awesome and I’m so excited about continuing to work with them on the project.

Monday night we met with Phil, our sales rep from GTS.  We met at the Elliott Bay Brewpub in West Seattle DURING the blowout Seahawks – Saints game.  Go Hawks!  He had a ton of information for us and I’m looking forward to working with him, too.

Tomorrow I’m meeting with two prospective contractors at the site to answer questions, do a walkthrough, and get that moving.  I’m hoping to get to the place where:

* I can get a better idea of the costs and set a budget for the buildout
* We can create an intake appointment with the city for permitting
* I can decide on a contractor and get started with a project plan

I’m attaching the floor plan for y’all to check out.  Let me know what you think!


The street is at the bottom and the entrance is at the top.

The street is at the bottom and the entrance is at the top.


One more thing.  Brian and I played a GREAT game this past weekend – Galaxy Trucker.  Wow, what an amazing game.  You are a freelance space delivery guy and you have to build your own ship and then make it to your destination with your cargo intact.  It’s played in three rounds each with two phases.  In the first phase you build your ship from a vast selection of tiles and in phase two, you are flying and you have to survive the flight.  We played it Saturday night and again on Sunday morning and I’ve been jonesing to play it again!  Check it out!!

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