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RPG Extravaganza Day coming up!

Meeples Games is hosting our first annual RPG Extravaganza Day this Saturday September 10!  With lots of content for new and experienced players, come learn something new while having a great time.  If you’ve never played, come try an RPG at one of our afternoon sessions.  If you are experienced, come share ideas at our evening work shop.   Let’s celebrate this golden age of RPGs together!

RPG Extravaganza Day Agenda:

1:30 – 4:30 PM  Learn to Play Dungeons and Dragons ($5).  This event is for new players to try the game and see what the buzz is about with 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons.  You don’t need to bring anything.  Limited spots, sign up in advance on our Meetup site.

1:30 – 4:30 PM Learn to Play Star Wars RPG ($5).  Jump right into the action and see how the Star Wars RPG works.  Will you be Force sensitive, or are you on the run from the Hutts?  Are you part of the Rebellion, or just trying to stay on the down low and make some galactic cash?  So many possibilities!  Limited spots, sign up in advance on our Meetup site.

5:00 – 6:30 PM  Dungeons and Dragons Character Creation Workshop (free).  Need help creating a new character?  Too many choices, or confused by the process?  Let our experienced players guide you through the steps to creating the character perfect for your game objectives and play style!  Bring your Player’s Handbook if you have one.  Meeples Games will provide character sheets for your use.

7:00 – 9:00 PM Game Master / Dungeon Master Workshop (Learn to be a DM) (free).  The Game Master / Dungeon Master calls the shots.  They know what’s coming and can either help you out or set you up to fail.  They plan the adventure and guide the game.  Is there a trap door at the entrance to that tunnel?  Does the Ankeg get you in her jaws?  Do you find a Bag of Holding? The Game Master brings the story telling, the excitement, and sets the tone for awesome gaming sessions.  Whether you are new to the game or experienced, come share ideas, see how others lead their groups, and find out more about what it takes and how to get started being a Game Master (GM) / Dungeon Master (DM) at this fun workshop!

What is a Game Master Roundtable?

This is a chance for both new and experienced Game Masters and Dungeon Masters to meet up and discuss tips and strategies for running role playing games.

Who should come?

Anyone who thinks they might want to try their hand at running a role playing game, and current DMs to share ideas and tips.

What are we going to discuss?

• The role of the DM in role playing games

• Your first session as DM

• Telling the story

• Keeping players engaged

• Pitfalls and solutions

• Resources to help DMs



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