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Selected a contractor and picked up some fixtures

I know I haven’t posted in a while, but it’s been crazy busy!  Things are moving quickly now.  Here are some of the happenings.

  • We picked a contractor to do the build out! Retail Construction Services.  Joe is really great and we’ll be able to do the buildout on budget.  Yay!
  • I’ve been running around buying stuff.  Yesterday I picked up chairs for the tournament area, a desk and chairs for the office, a bookcase for the office, and the lockers for the tournament space.  I also picked up some retail counters for the cash wrap and the cafe ordering space.
  • Lined up a storage space to store all the stuff I’m buying.  Most of it will be delivered today and I’ll pick up the counters after the holidays.
  • I went to Encore Kitchen Equipment and priced used kitchen equipment.  Greg there was really nice and talked to me for a hour.  I have stuff picked out – triple sink, ice maker, fridge, etc that I will buy when we get closer to opening.  But I have enough information to submit drawings with the application for a food permit.
  • We gave Anytime Fitness another month in the space in exchange for the existing floor which they were going to take with them.  That saves me a ton of money and gives them the time they need to be able to stay open for their clients.  Good all around.

The next step (I think) is to get construction drawings from the architect.  I owe them a list of kitchen equipment and the spec on the requirements for the beer taps.  Whew!

Here are some pictures of the space as it is now and some of the equipment I picked up.

[soliloquy id="first-store-photos"]


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