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Staff Picks-December Edition!

These games are some of our favorites that are sure to make wonderful holiday gifts! These can be purchased in store or follow the links to our webstore.

Fort-Maddie Schenck

  • Name of Game Fort
  • Publisher -Leder Games
  • Year Published -2020
  • Type of Game -Deck Building Game
  • Difficulty – Medium Light
  • Play Time – 40 mins
  • Number of Players – 2-4
  • Bits – friend cards, pizza and toys tokens, fort and scoring board
  • Overall Rating (out of 5) – 5 Meeples!

Fort is a beautifully illustrated game, in which the players are trying to gain victory points by having the best gang of friends and fort. I get joy out of looking at the friend cards, which are all very creative and cute. Each friend has different abilities that help you compete in the game. You collect wood pizza and toy tokens that are used in exchange for buying cards and activating abilities, which in turn help upgrade your fort.

Harry Potter House Cup Competition- Nichole Davis

  • Name of Game Harry Potter House Cup Competition
  • Publisher – The OP
  • Year Published -2020
  • Type of Game – Worker Placement
  • Difficulty – Easy
  • Play Time – 30-45 mins
  • Number of Players – 2-4
  • Bits –  Good, there are sliders for keeping track of your skills and gems to fill the house cup vials, it’s pretty cool.
  • Overall Rating (out of 5) – 5 Meeples!

This is a really fun and quick worker placement game set in the Harry Potter universe. You pick your house and send students from that house around to upgrade their skills (potions, charms, defense) and to complete challenges to earn points for your House. What I really like about it is that it never feels as if someone pulls too far ahead that you can’t catch up. It plays real quick once you know the rules, too which is nice. It’s pretty satisfying to put the gems you earn into the vials and see your progress towards victory. I find it very replayable and a definite must for Harry Potter fans.

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