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Staff Picks!

For this very special Staff Picks blog, we have decided to tell you about a couple games that we are excited about! Games that are on our own personal short lists.

Fossilis – Laura and Nichole

  • Name of Game: Fossilis
  • Rating (BGG): 7.6
  • Publisher: Kids Table BG
  • Year Published: 2020

Fossilis is a Set-Collection game where you are paleontologists attempting to unearth fossils in order to make dinosaurs.  Points are available in a number of ways and the player with the most points is the winner. One of the things that makes me want to play this game is the amazing pieces.  I’m always attracted to games with high quality pieces and this game doesn’t disappoint!  It has little bones!! And Paleontologist Meeples and heavy plastic tiles and so many goodies!  The First Player Marker is even a piece of amber – so cool! I love Set-Collection games with lots of ways to get points and Fossilis has this in spades.  On your turn you can move your archaeologies, move or remove sand or clay tiles, dig, claim dinosaur cards, complete dinosaur cards and many other options. Y’all, it just looks so cool!  Now that I’m writing this, I think I need to get myself a copy to take home tonight! –Laura Schneider

This game looks really cool, who doesn’t love dinosaurs? You get to dig around the site, trying to find the best stuff before your opponent, or even impeding them while you gather better supplies. The layout of it looks really nifty too, the way the pieces stack and can be shifted around, so that it really feels like you’re exploring a dig site.  The rules seem pretty straightforward, you get two actions a turn to do your thing so the gameplay won’t drag from player to player. But that doesn’t mean the game seems too simple, there is an obvious depth of strategy to playing it that I think will probably scale pretty well with all levels of experience with gaming. –Nichole Davis

Magical Kitties Save the Day -Boyce

  • Name of Game: Magical Kitties Save the Day
  • Rating (BGG): N/A
  • Publisher: Atlas Games
  • Year Published: 2021

Magical Kitties is a new board game where the players take the role of cats protecting their human owners from dangerous supernatural forces. The game is an introduction to RPGs where one player will be the DM, controlling the supernatural forces, and the rest of the players will be the kitties. I am always up for a light-hearted cat game with silly villains that does not take itself too seriously. Featuring bright, colorful artwork depicting the feline heroes further increases my hype for the game. So go on, and protect your humans from those sinister dangers. –Boyce Asquith

Pan Am-Dani

  • Name of Game: Pan Am
  • Rating (BGG): 7.8
  • Publisher: Funko Games
  • Year Published: 2020

Pan Am mixes the route claiming from Ticket to Ride with a new biding aspect that makes this game seem really fun. Players must bid for landing rights, buy planes that can go further than anyone else and use other connections to create an air travel empire! If your routes are good enough, you can sell them to Pan Am. This game seems really interesting to me, I love Ticket to Ride and this seems like a step up in difficulty but not so hard that it scares new gamers away. Plus if I can’t travel right now, at least I can create the best in game travel routes! –Dani Kennedy

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