Star Wars Destiny Boosters Available 1/13

by: on January 11, 2017  |  

Hey y’all.  If you haven’t heard of Star Wars Destiny, it’s a new 2-player collectible card and dice game by Fantasy Flight Games.  It came out in November to much fanfare and it has not disappointed!

In the game, you build a 30 card deck with Characters (Rey and Han Solo or Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper for example) and cards with upgrades or events or vehicles to support those characters.  You can be villains or heroes or neutral.

The art is great, the dice are cool, the deckbuilding is engaging and the gameplay is FUN!

The starter sets and the booster packs have been very hard to get thus far, but that seems to be changing – yay!  The street date for the latest restock has been moved up (!!) to Friday 1/13!  

And, a new set has been announced – Spirit of Rebellion – which will include cards such as Jyn and Palpatine!  Pretty exciting.

We’re playing on Monday nights, so drop in and check out this great game!



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