D&D Attack Wing has Arrived!

by: on October 28, 2014  |  

Dungeons & Dragons: Attack Wing uses the core rule set of the FlightPath game system seen previously in Star Wars: X-Wing and Star Trek: Attack Wing, but with a Dungeons & Dragons twist as the players now control dogfighting dragons, while also having forces on the ground such as giants and magic users. As with Star Trek: Attack Wing, the Dungeons & Dragons: Attack Wing game series consists of a starter set and expansion packs.

We have the starter set and several of each of the currently expansions in stock right now.  Well, we can’t sell them until 10/29, but we have them and we can look at them!

Here are some pics for your enjoyment!

photo 3

I LOVE the Green Dragon.  I want it just because… well, Dragon!  The starter set comes with everything you need to get started including three dragons.

photo 1


Some of the expansions.  The Ice Giant is pretty cool!

photo 2