SHEEPLE: The Best Game in the Ewe-niverse Demo Night!

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Join Meeples Games on Thursday 1/23 at 6:00pm for an exciting ewe game demo!

In SHEEPLE: The Best Game in the Ewe-niverse, you start as a sheep. You’re trying to become a sheep-person.

How to Play:

  1. Pick a category
  2. Frantically Brainstorm – Each player has a minute to frantically scribble as many items that fit the category as they can think of.
  3. Compare Answers – Items only score points if other players also put them down.

So to win, you must THINK LIKE A SHEEP!

However, if answers are a little unique (only two players match), they score double points, so SHEEPLE encourages both inside-the-box and outside-the-box thinking.

Number of players: 4-10
Play time: 30 minutes
Ages: 8+

All the New Games!

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Subatomic, 10+, 40+ mins, 2-4 players

Subatomic: An Atom Building Game is a deck-building game in which players compete to build a number of available elements, which score them points. Each player starts with the same small deck of cards that consist of proton, neutron, and electron cards. They use these cards to build upon their current atom (by playing these cards face-up as subatomic particles) in an attempt to construct one of the available element cards. Alternatively, players may use their hand of cards to purchase more powerful cards for later use (by playing them in combinations of face-down cards as energy and face-up cards as subatomic particles). Subatomic introduces a unique variation on deck-building with a highly accurate chemistry theme, with the ultimate goal of building elements to score points, but allowing many varying types of strategies.

SOS Dino, 7+, 25 mins, 1-4 players

In this co-operative game, you must react, anticipate, and work together as a team to save the four dinosaurs in SOS Dino! Draw a tile, place it on the board, then move one of the dinosaurs closer to the safety of the mountains. Pay attention to lava and meteor showers!

Tonari, 10+, 30+ mins, 2-4 players

The small island of Kuchinoshima has been hit by a terrible storm, leaving the village with only a single fishing boat. Each hoping to prove themselves the village’s best fisherman, 2-4 players take turns moving the boat marker around the island, collecting any fish tiles they land upon. At the end of the day, the player with the best haul wins, but there’s a twist – with 3 or 4 players, each player’s score is added to the player to their right’s score before determining the winner!

Terror Below, 10+, 45+ mins, 1-5 players

Terror Below is a game of government experiments gone wild in the Nevada desert. The faster you move, the more vibrations you make, attracting the attention of the vicious worms underground. Navigate the difficult terrain to collect valuable worm eggs and deliver them to locations around town to claim bounties. If you’re feeling lucky, collect items and weapons to go hunt ’em. The goal of Terror Below is to be the first player to score 20 victory points (VP) by collecting worm eggs and delivering them to locations around town or alternatively, by hunting down and killing those vicious worms. During the game, your squad of unlikely heroes will visit locations around the small desert town to find bounties, scavenge for weapons, and try to survive as you distract the worms. Eventually, those worms will attack. If you are in their path of destruction, you better be prepared for a fight!

Machi Koro Legacy, 10+, 30+ mins, 2-4 players

Machi Koro Legacy features the same gameplay as Machi Koro. You are still rolling dice, you are still collecting income, and you are still racing to build landmarks. Machi Koro Legacy features a ten-game series that tells a complete story set in the world of Machi Koro in which player choices create a unique gameplay experience.

Mental Blocks, 10+, 10-20 mins, 2-9 players

Mental Blocks is a game of puzzling perspectives, with players trying to complete a puzzle using oversized foam blocks, despite seeing only one perspective of the design. You have to co-operate to complete the puzzle as a team, but you have a time limit, so don’t just sit around staring at the pieces. In addition to the time pressure, players have other challenges, such as not being able to talk or to touch certain color blocks. Mental Blocks features sixty puzzles: thirty “family mode” puzzles and thirty “challenge mode” puzzles that ramp in difficulty. For an even wilder game, you can add a traitor to the table to block your block-building.

Farmini, 5+, 15 mins, 1-4 players

It’s springtime! Time to restore your farm to its former glory! Lucky for you, there’s a regional farming competition going on! The trophy for this year’s most beautiful farm will be given to the farmer who has the most animals and cornfields! Will you win the competition in Farmini?

Microbrewers, 13+, 30 mins, 2-4 players

In Microbrewers: The Travel Card Game, you’ve opened your own brewery and are competing with other brewers in town to be named the Brew Crafter of your city. You’ll build your brewery by installing equipment and hiring workers, and then get to work brewing your beer! The player that earns the most reputation as the city’s best brewer will win!

Bosk, 13+, 45 mins, 2-4 players

From majestic Maples to ancestral Oaks, players nurture their trees aiming to thrive over the course of a year in a beautiful National Park. In the spring, players carefully grow their trees, scoring as hikers enjoy traveling the trails in summer. When autumn comes, leaves fall in the ever-changing direction of the wind, guided to cover the terrain and other players’ leaves. Points are awarded in winter for the most coverage of each region in the park. Gain your ground in the park to be victorious in Bosk!

Periodic: A Game of the Elements, 10+, 40 mins, 2-5 players

In Periodic: A Game of the Elements, players collect sets of elements and advance their research by moving through the periodic table. Players use energy to activate periodic trends and move in the corresponding directions. The conservation of energy forces players to spend carefully and play efficiently. The game ends when someone completes the research track or when a stack of goal cards is depleted. The player with the most victory points at the end of the game wins!

Exit the Game, 10+, 45+ mins, 1-4 players

Fancy a ride at the fair on the ghost train? Of course, but what if this ride suddenly stops and you become trapped in the scenery? Then it’s time to start working with your fellow passengers to escape this place of horror as quickly as possible. Exit: The Game – The Haunted Roller Coaster is particularly suited for novice riddlers as an introduction to this series of escape room games. Other Exit: The Game games are available as well.

Games! Games! All the Games!!

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Tiny Towns, 1-6 players, 45+ mins, 14+ (Demo in Library)

In Tiny Towns, you are the mayor of a tiny town in the forest in which the smaller creatures of the woods have created a civilization hidden away from predators. This new land is small and the resources are scarce, so you take what you can get and never say no to building materials. Your town is represented by a 4×4 grid on which you will place resource cubes in specific layouts to construct buildings. Each building scores victory points in a unique way. When no player can place any more resources or construct any buildings, the game ends, and any squares without a building are worth -1 VP. The player with the most VP wins!

Green Box of Games, 1-10 player, 5+

The Green Box of Games is not a single game, it is a game system that comes with a collection of 16 games you can play. Designed to be like a deck of cards for board games the box is filled with versatile components, tiles, cards, cubes and dice, that you can use to play tons of different games, or even create your own. The games included in the rulebook spans from quick family games to more complex strategy games, plus a few traditional classics.

That’s Pretty Clever, 1-4 players, 30 mins, 8+

Choose your dice well in That’s Pretty Clever to enter them into the matching colored area, put together tricky chain-scoring opportunities, and rack up the points. The dice you don’t use are as important as what you do because every die that’s smaller than the chosen one can be used by the other players, keeping everyone in the game at all times.

Zimbbos!, 1-4 players, 10+ mins, 3+ (Demo in Library)

In this elephantastic kids game, each player takes turns throwing dice, the number you get is how many elephants you have to add to the pyramid. There are other animals and clowns as well. Come in and give it a try!

Noctiluca, 1-4 players, 30+ mins, 8+

In Noctiluca, 104 colorful translucent dice fill the pool on the game board to represent the different glowing noctiluca. Players take turns diving into the water from the edges of the shore to collect the noctiluca dice from the board and keep them safely in jars until they can deliver them to healers. Only the most skilled divers can navigate the waters to collect these mysterious glowing creatures and deliver them to healers across the land. Can you catch the embers of the sea?

Euphoria, 2-6 players, 60 mins, 13+

Euphoria is a worker-placement game in which dice are your workers. The number on each die represents a worker’s knowledge—that is, his level of awareness that he’s in a dystopia. Worker knowledge enables various bonuses and impacts player interaction. If the collective knowledge of all of your available workers gets too high, one of them might desert you. You also have two elite recruit cards at your disposal; one has pledged allegiance to you, but the other needs some convincing. You can reveal and use the reticent recruit by reaching certain milestones in the game… or by letting other players unwittingly reach those milestones for you.

Euphoria: Ignorance is Bliss is an expansion that give you a bunch of new recruit cards and market tiles that you can use as an alternative to the recruits and markets in the original game (they aren’t designed to be mixed together with the original recruits and markets). There’s also a new type of recruit card (not a new faction, just a new type). This new expansion also allows for a solo game mode!

Stranger Things D&D Starter Set, 3+ players, 14+

Mike Wheeler from Hawkins, Indiana, has created an awesome Dungeons and Dragons adventure, and he wants you to play it! Based on the first season of Stranger Things, this D&D starter set allows you to step into the shoes of your favorite Stranger Things character.

Welcome to Your Perfect Home, 1-100 players, 25+ mins, 10+

Welcome To… plays like a roll-and-write dice game in which you mark results on a score-sheet…but without dice. Instead you flip cards from three piles to make three different action sets with both a house number and a corresponding action from which everyone chooses one. You use the number to fill in a house on your street in numerical order. Then you take the action to increase the point value of estates you build or score points at the end for building parks and pools. Players also have the option of taking actions to alter or duplicate their house numbers. And everyone is racing to be the first to complete public goals. There’s lots to do and many paths to becoming the best suburban architect in Welcome To…!

Comanauts, 2-4 players, 90+ mins, 12+

Comanauts is the second installment in Jerry Hawthorne’s Adventure Book system following Stuffed Fables. This game of exploration and danger builds on the mechanisms first introduced in that earlier title, providing a new experience for more mature players. Race against time to revive Dr. Strobal by exploring his tormented mind. As players work together to uncover the secrets of the doctor’s subconscious, they will follow his inner child across eleven different Comazones. There they attempt to locate and overcome the Inner Demon that holds Dr. Strobal hostage. Assume the role of 22 unique avatars as you explore the dangers and secrets of each world locked inside the doctor’s dream. Can you free Dr. Strobal from his own mind before it’s too late?

Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth, 1-5 players, 60+ mins, 14+

Embark on your own adventures in J.R.R. Tolkien’s iconic world with The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth, a fully co-operative, app-supported board game for one to five players! You’ll battle villainous foes, make courageous choices, and strike a blow against the evil that threatens the land — all as part of a thrilling campaign that leads you across the storied hills and dales of Middle-earth. Each individual game of Journeys in Middle-earth is a single adventure in a larger campaign. You’ll explore the vast and dynamic landscapes of Middle-earth, using your skills to survive the challenges that you encounter on these perilous quests.

Cave Paintings, 3-6 players, 45+ mins, 12+

Cave Paintings is a drawing game in which you don’t have to draw well to win. The game includes team rules for playing with more than seven people, as well as an advanced variant should you be more Cro-Magnon than Neanderthal…

Impact: Battle of Elements, 2-5 players, 15+ mins, 8+

In Impact: Battle of Elements, each player starts the game with five dice, with one side being blank and the other five sides showing an elemental symbol. On a turn, a player rolls one die into the arena, which is set inside the bottom of the box. If any two or more dice show the same symbol, that player then claims those dice and their turn ends. If a die shows a blank face, it’s removed from play; if no symbols match, then the player can end their turn or throw another die in the arena. If the arena is empty at the start of your turn, then you must throw all of your dice into the arena, hoping to claim some back because if you ever run out of dice, then you’re out of the game. Whoever last holds dice wins!

UnNatural Selection, 3-10 players, 30 mins, 8+ (Demo in Library)

UnNatural Selection is an amusing tongue-in-cheek battle game in which you play creature cards (ranging from microscopic, animal, historical and mythical) to fight in an arena. Each player is dealt three cards, each card is both creature and modifier. Each player except the judge plays one card face down as their creature. Once all the creatures are set out, players take turns placing the remaining cards in their hands face down to alter the abilities of your opponents in funny ways. Players are encouraged to try and sway the player judge (of the round) in their favor, the judge has the final decision of which creature wins the round.

New! Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra!

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Just in time for the holiday season! This game is sure to be a hit, and the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra, the sequel to Azul, is just as beautiful and fun as the original with a few changes.  Unlike the original Azul, the focus isn’t on the floor but more on the columns and panels of a stain glass window.

Players will choose their glass panes – represented by translucent pieces – and work to complete their window while avoiding damage and wasted materials. The players’ panel boards are double-sided for an extra amount of variety between games, which will take about half an hour to 45 minutes to play.

Stop by the store to test play Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra from our library. Get your own copy before supplies run out!

2017 Games That Excite Us – Part 2

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A few weeks ago, Laura & Brian went to the GAMA Trade Show, the industry show where game manufacturers let us retailers know what’s up and coming over the next year.  We are really excited about a bunch of new games!  In Part 1, we talked about some of the upcoming deeper strategy games.  In this post, we introduce some of the lighter fare coming this year!


NMBR9 is very simple in concept but was a lot of fun to play, already out in Germany and being brought to the US by Asmodee.  We see this as a nice quick game, and one that would go well with having fun beverages.  We will definitely add this to our home collection, and take it with us camping and to friends’ gatherings.

The game consists of a deck of cards – each with a number on it – and number shaped tiles (they’re sort of pixelated).  Each turn, a card is drawn, and each player takes a corresponding tile and stacks it so that no part of the tile is unsupported by either the table or the tile(s) beneath it.  At the end of the game, players collect points for each tile equal to its value multiplied by the level.  So the base level doesn’t score any points.  Each turn you have to decide – do I make the base bigger to support more tiles, or do I build vertical to get more points?  (Bonus:  the game box has the perfect tray, organizing the tiles so that the setup time is about 1 second!)



We got to play Braintopia at GAMA, and now it is on the shelves and in the library at Meeples!  This is another game that’s fun to play while eating/drinking/socializing with friends and families – recommended ages 8+.  From

Braintopia is a simple game that will test your skills of observation, quick thinking, and coordination. The game is made up of eight fast-paced challenges that keep you on your toes as you race to refocus your mind and solve each puzzle before your opponents. As you and up to five other players proceed through the challenge deck, you collect the cards you have answered both accurately and most quickly. A correctly identified tactile card or a pair of any other challenge card will earn you a piece of the brain. The first player to four brain pieces wins!



Wizkids has tons of great stuff happening this year!  Below are a few of the cool new games & accessories:

  • New pre-primed unpainted miniatures for D&D and Pathfinder (in stock now!)
  • Rules revamp and new starter sets for Heroclix coming out in Q3!
  • New draft packs for Dice Masters – these will make drafting more balanced and you’ll always have enough dice, so even 2 players will be able to draft (priced at $9.99 – each kit will have 12 characters with 2 dice each, and 2 basic actions)
  • The Expanse Boardgame, based on the TV show
  • Dicebot Megafun (pronounced:  MEGAFUN!!) – bring the chaos of arena robot fighting to your table!  We played this one and had a blast, er uh, MEGAFUN!!  Each turn you pick from a “junkyard” of dice to assemble and arm your robot (in Galaxy Trucker fashion, where you race to grab components before the other players), after which you will pick which weapons you want to fight with and then throw down!  Interesting characters/bots and simple mechanics.  It's MEGAFUN!!!!
  • New pieces to customize Agricola (a fabulous game that deserves to have great bling)Wizkids Agricola upgrade


By the designer of Castle Panic, a Meeples favorite, in the cooperative game Hotshots, players are wildland forest fighters working to extinguish a wildfire.  Crews of 1 to 4 players take on the roles of wildfire fighters (Crew Boss, Spotter, Swamper, and Sawyer) with special abilities and roll dice on burning terrain tiles to match the combinations shown on the tiles. Flame tokens are added at the end of each player’s turn by the draw of a Fire card, which can bring about wind gusts, strengthen the flames on certain tiles, and start fires. Too many Flame tokens will cause a tile to Scorch and be lost, affecting the game play. The press-your-luck mechanic with ratcheting rewards creates a lot of great tension, and the variety of ways to fight the fire makes for interesting choices. The modular tile layout and Fire cards bring high replayability to the game, and the board and bits look great!Hotshots-Box-Bottom

Stay tuned for the next part of our GAMA report, and call Meeples Games at 206.535.7896 if you want to order any of these games!