Pokemon Crimson Invasion Prerelease Sat 10/21!

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Pokemon Prerelease Crimson Invasion Sat 10/21!

Join us for a fast and fun Pokemon Prerelease for Crimson Invasion!

• Doors open at 9:30

• Play starts at 10:30

• Cost: $32

• Registration recommended! – Call 206.535.7896, email info@meeplesgames.com or stop in and get your name on the list.

Crimson Chaos Across Alola!

The mysterious Ultra Beasts have arrived, invading the Alola region as crimson-tinged Pokémon-GX: Nihilego-GX, Buzzwole-GX, Kartana-GX, and the ravenous Guzzlord-GX! Can Silvally-GX and the other allies of Alola defend the islands—or will the Ultra Beasts take control? Find out when you battle for the prize with the Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon—Crimson Invasion expansion!

Pokemon Prerelease and West Seattle Grand Parade this Saturday!

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For those of you attending the Pokemon Prerelease this Saturday (7/22 10:oo am), the West Seattle Grand Parade is happening the same day and runs right past Meeples Games!

This is pretty exciting because we love the parade and you can watch the action from our balcony.  But, it can make parking a challenge because the streets are restricted.  There is still plenty of parking, you just have to go a few blocks away from California.

It’s going to be a fun Saturday!


Pokemon Prerelease Steam Siege 7/30 10:30 am

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Get ready Trainers!  It’s time for Pokemon Steam Siege!

• Registrations starts at 9:30

• Play starts at 10:30

• $30 per player

Each player will receive a prerelease kit which contains:

• 22 card evolution pack featuring key cards from current and prior sets

• 4 XY- Steam Siege Booster Packs

• 1 of 4 alternate art promo cards

• 1 deck building tip sheet

This is a first-come, first-served event.  We’ll have a sign-in sheet the morning of the event.  There will be a cap, but we won’t know until we get information about how many kits we’ll get.


Awesome cards in the new set include:

Talonflame BREAK

Spread your wings with the golden Talonflame BREAK, a Pokémon that competes with the power of a Pokémon-EX. Not only does it have 170 HP, its Flare Blitz attack pounds your opponent for 150 damage.



Volcanion-EX combines the forces of fire and water into one incredible card. Its Steam Up Ability quickly powers up Basic Fire-type Pokémon, and its Volcanic Heat attack delivers a scorching 130 damage.



Take sure shots at your opponent with Bisharp, whose Mach Claw attack ignores Resistance. Bisharp can also strike back in after an ally has been Knocked Out with its Retaliate attack.


Magic Origins Prerelease is coming!

by: on June 23, 2015  |  

Magic Origins is just around the corner. It’s truly unlike any core set you’ve seen before: two new mechanics, more new cards, and five Planeswalker origin stories to explore.Magic Origins takes a look at the beginnings of five of our most iconic Planeswalkers: Gideon, Jace, Liliana, Chandra, and Nissa. You’ll see where they come from, how their sparks ignited, and what happened in the aftermath. I know we can’t wait for you to experience the whole set, but let’s start by taking a look at the mechanics–new and old–that await you.

Check out this article about the release

Join us for our Prerelease events Saturday July 11 and Sunday July 12 starting at 1:30.

These are sealed events and limited to 40 players each.  Cost is $32 per player.  Cool prizes!

Sign up at the store or by emailing info@meeplesgames.com or call 206.535.7896.