We’re Sponsoring Trivia Night at the West Seattle Senior Center – April 19

by: on February 19, 2016  |  

The West Seattle Senior Center is having a new Trivia Night fundraising event and we’re one of the sponsors.  Check it out!

About the West Seattle Senior Center (from their website):

The Senior Center of West Seattle is a multi-purpose facility in which older people may come together to fulfill many of their social, physical, and intellectual needs. It can help expand their interests, tap their potential, and develop their talents. The Center is also a bridge—a broad, two-way bridge— linking the loose-knit senior community to the community at large. Membership is open to anyone 50 years of age and older for $25 per year. Members receive the bimonthly Seniors’ West Side Press, a free birthday and holiday lunch, and reduced activity fees.

Trivia Night at the West Seattle Senior Center - Meeples Games

Game Trivia Night! Thursday 12/17

by: on December 10, 2015  |  

When did Magic the Gathering hit the scene?  What is Han Solo’s job?  Where is GenCon?

If you know the answers to these questions, Gamer Trivia is for you!

Join Mcee Squared for this super fun trivia night here at Meeples Games.

We’ll play in teams from 2 to 6 people.

Entry fee is $3 per player.

Prizes – Depending on number of players.

Save the Date: Game Trivia Night Tuesday August 19!!!

by: on August 5, 2014  |  

MC’d by Phillip Tavel (of Talarico’s trivia night fame), we’re having Game Trivia Night!  I’m so excited for this event.  Details to come, but it will be a team event with prizes.  Questions based on games of all types with some other geek fun facts thrown in for color.

Get your team together!  The first of the monthly event is Tuesday August 19th.

Details to come, but get this on your calendar ASAP!