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This Week in New Games!

Lots of new games this week!  Check them out!

Koi by Smirk & Laughter Games is first beautiful and then fun! As a koi fish, you spend your days (turns) swimming to and fro by playing a number of movement cards, with the goal of gobbling up as many dragonflies and frogs as you can every day. Each movement card has from two to four programmed moves — straight, turn, rotate any direction and leap over a space — with some moves being mandatory when played and others being optional.

Koi • 1-4 Players • 10+

Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures new minis.  I’ll just leave the sweet T-Rex right here.

Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures T-Rex!!!

Discover: Lands Unknown brings you and up to three friends on an unexpected journey. Stranded in the wilderness with no recollection as to how you arrived, you and your friends will have to cooperate and compete to survive and find a way home. As a Unique Game, no two copies of Discover: Lands Unknown are alike.  Crazy, right?!?

Discover Lands Unknown • 1-4 Players • 12+

The D&D Magic Item Cards are Here!  Great for DMs and great for players.  No longer will you have to keep looking up that sweet Trident you got when you took out that Water Elemental or how to use your Boots of Levitation.  Now you can use a handy card.  Check out the Spell Cards while you’re at it!

D&D Magic Item Cards

Starfinder Miniatures!!  These minis are super high quality pre-painted and made just for Starfinder RPG by WizKids, the masters of minis!

Starfinder Iconic Heroes 1


Starfinder Iconic Heroes 2


Starfinder Miniatures Corpse Fleet 1


Pathfinder Miniatures Pack Worlds 1

It’s time for a race! Can you make a face faster than anyone else in Cubeez? Not on your own face, though; no, you need to quickly turn and flip your three cubes to match the silly face on the challenge card. Will your Cubeez be surprised, sad, happy, angry, or a little bit of everything?

Cubeez • 2-4 Players • 6+

Get your brain back on track! In Brain Connect, you need to quickly slide and connect your thoughts in the right order, then be the first to complete the correct action to win. It’s a race to see who can think and act the fastest! These sliding puzzles have sixteen different starting and stopping points, so creating a clear train of thought is always a new challenge.  This game is Perfect for holiday flights or car trips!!

Brain Connect • 1-4 Players • 8+

Pool Party is a fast and furious game of cannonballs into the pool.  Get three of your divers in at one time to be the winner!

Pool Party • 2-4 Players • 6+


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