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Trade mark approved!

I talked with the US Patent and Trademark office today to submit an addendum to my application.  They wanted to make sure I wasn’t applying to trademark the word ‘games’ other than in conjunction with ‘Meeples’.  Now that’s done, my trademark is approved. WooHoo!

On to the next step this year.  I’m emailing my commercial real estate friend to start looking for space.  I think it is going to take time and be harder than I originally thought.  If I want to be open in August, I need to start looking now.  Plus, he can give me great information – demographics, traffic, costs, extra costs, utilities, etc.  There is a ton of information I need that he can give me.

Oh, and over the holiday I worked on other store related stuff.  I did the financials section of my business plan.  My brother had really scared the crap out of me about the money, but I ran the numbers and it looks good.  Even if my startup costs are higher than I’m currently estimating, if I can get the rather conservative sales numbers I’m looking for I should be OK and breaking even sometime in year two.

Next up:  join GAMA, contact distributors and start to build the list of games to buy.

Over the break Brian and I worked on some categorization schemes.  I think I underestimated just how many individual games it will take to fill up the retail space.  What do we stock?  It can’t be everything.  How many classics, how many Spiel de Jahr winners, how many from the BGG top 100 list.  It goes on and on.  I think I need to find out how the distributors actually sell the games.  They should be able to give me some insight.

It’s getting really close now.  Real things need to start happening.  I’m quitting my job in three months!!!  I’m going to tell my boss in the beginning of February.  That will give them two months to replace me.  Probably with a director they bring in from outside… Bastards!


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