Try the Impossible Burger at Meeples Games!

by: on February 13, 2018  |  

The Impossible Burger is the latest and best entry into the Meat Substitute market and it’s absolutely amazing!  Made entirely from plants, this burger could fool even the biggest burger expert!  Seriously, it’s amazing.

We love it not only because it’s vegetarian/vegan (not gluten free), but also because it uses so much less of the earth’s resources to produce. “Compared to cows, the Impossible Burger uses 95% less land, 74% less water, and creates 87% less greenhouse gas emissions.”

The key is Heme, a compound found in all living things and is found in high concentrations in animal muscle.  Heme is one of the things that makes meat taste like meat and it’s also found in plants.  It’s the key ingredient in the Impossible Burger and makes it taste just like meat!

Find out more about the Impossible Burger here then come in and try one!  You’ll be amazed!!

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