What Kind of Gamer are You?

by: on February 25, 2017  |  

We all play games for different reasons and there are games out there for everyone and every type of gamer.  What kind of gamer are you?  This article from boardgames.com defines some of the different types.

I think I’m an Avid Gamer.  What is your gaming type?

Copied from the article:

The Family Gamer
I play games to spend time with my kids or other family members.
The Strategy Gamer
I mainly play games that test knowledge and/or strategy and don’t involve much luck, such as abstract strategy, tactical or puzzle games.
The Casual Gamer
I occasionally play games with friends and family as a fun activity. I also enjoy playing some of the more complex games when I have the time.
The Avid Gamer
Playing games is one of my hobbies. I’m willing to try almost any game, and I’m usually the one who tries to get other people to play.
The Power Gamer
I seek out complex and intricate games and play to win. I often play games at my local hobby/game store, try out new games that sponsors are pitching, and may attend conventions or tournaments.


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