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Games We’re Playing

We’ve played some fun games over the past few weeks and I wanted to share those experiences with all y’all and let you know what games we’re playing!

Star Wars Destiny, Fantasy Flight Games

Star Wars Destiny is a new (officially comes out on 12/1) collectible card and dice game.  I know what you’re thinking – not another collectible game.  But Destiny is different.  First of all, the play is fast – no long drawn out turns.  You get to do one thing on your turn then it’s the other player’s turn.  The dice are big and cool with full color pictures on them.  The art is great and the feel of the game is very Star Wars.  Best of all, I really liked it.  It’s fun to play and so far the deck building hasn’t been too complicated.  We’re hoping that it continues to get better and that everyone likes it as much as we do.


Saloon Tycoon, Van Ryder Games

We played Saloon Tycoon last night and I really liked it.  First, it’s a Western game and the flavor is amazing.  The characters and their backstories are hilarious and the art is great.  The think I liked the best though, was the mechanic of building your saloon.  In this game, you buy tiles to add on to your saloon VERTICALLY!  You can build up to three stories and get extra points if you can get that high.  But, of course, you have to supply your rooms.  Before you can add the Billiards room above your Printing Press, you have to buy the four Supplies to support the next story. Some of the rooms come with Citizens which give you extra victory points at the end of the game, but watch out because some of them will bring along the Villains who handicap you in the game.  Last night I had three of the four bad guys last night and lost miserably.  But I totally want to play again – both because it’s fun and because I want another chance to beat Brian!


Mysterium, Asmodee

I know Mysterium has been out for a long time now, but we played it for the first time on Thanksgiving and I loved it.  We were moving a little slowly, but we were stuffed with turkey and I expect next time it will be faster.  I really loved the abstract-ness of this game.  The Ghost is trying to communicate with pictures and it’s up to you, the investigator, to figure out what the heck he is trying to tell you.  Should I pick the location with the chairs and the orange background because two of the cards have chairs and one has orange in it?  Or should I pick the tool room because one of them has a screwdriver in it?  I think one of the challenges with this game is that there is much pressure on the Ghost to get their point across.  You’ll never be able to figure it out if the Ghost can’t find the right cards to give you.  But, that said, we had a lot of fun trying to interpret the Ghost’s intentions and ultimately won in the end.  If you like story telling games, this is a totally abstract and cooperative version that it totally fun.


Parfum, Queen Games

Parfum is an under the radar game that I completely loved.  It’s a classic Euro-style game with multiple steps to victory points.  In this game, you are actions to collect dice that you roll to buy ingredients to make perfumes that you then sell to customers.  There are many steps in this process and you have to plan ahead to make sure the other players don’t mess you up (which will happen anyway!)  It was easy to learn, set up and get playing.  I read the instructions and set it up in about 15 minutes (including punching it) and was able to explain it to Brian without really referencing the rules.  We were playing in a jif.  In the end, Brian won this one, too (I’m not doing too well these last few weeks!) but I want to play it again to get my revenge.


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