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What We’re Playing

There are some fantastic new games out this summer and there are two that we’ve been really enjoying.

Junk Art – Pretzel Games

Junk Art came out just yesterday and we’ve been playing all day!  First of all, the pieces are high quality painted wooden building blocks of multiple colors and shapes.  And it comes in a wonderful slide-lid wooden box.  I’ll give it 5 Meeples for the quality pieces alone.

The game play is very unique.  You are an artist who makes art out of junk and you are traveling the world trying to make the best art.  Each city (indicated by a card) has different set up requirements, play methods and win conditions and so the game is always fresh.  In game play, you get cards that dictate what pieces you need to add to your sculpture.  One of my favorite things about the game is that often you are giving and getting cards from other players.  So there’s some strategy around what to keep and what to pass to whom.

This is a great party dexterity game.  We’ve added one to our game library, so come check it out.



Legendary Encounters Firefly – Upper Deck

This game is just fantastic.  If you’re a fan of Firefly, you’re going to just love it.  It’s a twist on a deckbuilding game in which you play characters from the television series working together to make it through the episodes of the show.  In a game session, you play through three episodes trying to meet all of the objectives, keep your characters alive and Serenity flyin’.  The art is really good and the ‘feel’ of the game is pure Firefly.  And, in classic Legendary style, the board is a long roll-up playmat with space for everything.  Give this game a try!

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