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Working with a new location!

We found a new location and have submitted a letter of intent – woot!  SW can suck it! haha.

The new place is on California Ave six blocks north of the Alaska Junction.  It bright and open and I really hope we get it.  The owner of the building is local and a person not a corporation.  It’s only been a few days and I can already tell the difference with responsiveness and interest.  They have asked a lot of really good questions which means they are thinking about the viability of the business and the impact it will have on their other tenants.  I like this level of involvement.

Yesterday they wanted to know what I thought my ‘normal’ max occupancy would be.  Wow, who knows, right?!  I thought about it and sent back some numbers realizing that they don’t want 100 people crammed in there at once.  I assured them that it wouldn’t be very many and that during the week it would be in the evening.

Then they wanted to know what percentage of those would carpool.  Who can guess that?!  Well, I did.  I thought about it and replied that 50% would probably come in pairs, some would walk, some bike, some bus.

I feel like I’m walking a fine line here.  They don’t want to annoy their other tenants and take up all the parking, etc, but they want to lease with a viable, successful outfit.  I did not mention that a big Magic release could result in a big crowd.  I don’t think they want to hear that…

Anyway, this is all very encouraging.

Funny, when we were working with the other property I was very excited and anxious to hear back from them daily.  Now, I’m much more relaxed about the whole thing.  Things – they have been learned!

My last day at work is Oct 11 and if we get this space it won’t be available until Jan 1.  That means if I have a signed lease with availability in a few months, I’ll have plenty of time to have the architectural design done, line up contractors, buy fixtures, get the tables and chairs, build menu, etc.  All of that pre-work will reduce the time to open once we get the space.

Of course, it’s longer than I had hoped, but April is OK.  I’m happy as long as I have an actual date and can plan towards that date.  I’m a planner, you see…

Hope to hear back from them with either an acceptance of our terms or more likely a counter offer by early next week.

Keep you posted.

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