Youth Online D&D! Starting June 30th!

by: on June 23, 2020  |  

We have heard the outcry! After weeks of work, we have found the perfect way to play D&D with you! Starting June 30th join DM Boyce for Youth Online D&D, ages 10-15. These sessions will run on Tuesday and Thursday from 2-4 pm. In order for things to go smoothly there are a few prerequisites:

  • Must have played D&D before, not for new players
  • Must have a Windows or Mac computer modern enough to run DISCORD
    • Browers: Google Chrome, Firefox 38+, Opera, Microsoft Edge 17+, Safari 11+
  • Must have a reliable internet connection
  • Must have a Dungeons & Dragons Players Handbook. We’ll email you a 20% off discount code after registration to pick one up.
  • Must have an email account, this will be how Boyce communicates with the player/parents
  • We also recommend a Microphone and Headphones – not required, but it makes for a better experience.

This is a completely different D&D than any other type we’ve held before (Tween D&D etc). We are currently only running one group, so space is limited. Other session information is as follows:

  • Cost- $200 per session
  • The session will meet 4 times, first session on June 30th
  • We will be using pre-generated characters

If you meet all of the prerequisites and this seems like something you’d like to join us in, you can purchase your D&D session here

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